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Egypt After Morsi

On June 30, exactly one year after Egyptians voted for Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi to become their first-ever democratically elected president, millions of protesters filled central Cairo and town squares across Egypt demanding his dismissal. The Defense Minister, General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, promptly issued Morsi with a 48-hour deadline to heed the protesters’ demands or face military intervention.

Was this another Egyptian revolution, a military coup or—as some feared—the beginning of a civil war? With the clock to the army’s deadline ticking down and the whole country poised to see what would happen next, VICE went to Cairo to find out.

Turkish Journalists Silenced

According to the Turkish Journalists Union, at least 22 journalists have reportedly been fired and another 37 forced to quit over their coverage of the recent anti-government protests. They started in late May with a small group of environmentalists staging a protest against a proposed commercial development in Istanbul’s Gezi Park, and grew into nationwide demonstrations in which thousands expressed anti-government sentiments. The protests in Istanbul were met with tear gas and water cannons. The news comes as an Istanbul court unanimously overturned a lower court’s stay of order ruling on the planned shopping mall development, allowing the demolition of the green space to resume.

Russian Dissident Jailed

The Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been jailed for five years on what people describe as trumped-up charges of embezzlement. Jonathan Rugman reports for Channel 4.

The sentencing touched off a massive, unauthorized protest on behalf of Navalny in Moscow. Riot police were dispatched to central Moscow as the protest continued, and dozens have been detained near Manezhnaya Square.


Egypt Needs Military Rule

The festering discontent in Egypt following the Arab Spring shows the country might not be ready for full-throttled democracy. Under the circumstances, the best option for governance might be a “benign” military rule, particularly if it prevents terrorists or totalitarian-minded groups like the Muslim Brotherhood from seizing power, says pundit Dick Morris.

Morsi “Didn’t Play Fairly”

Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy speaks to Saif Kisham, a doctor and activist about the day’s events in Egypt. Kisham said Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi “didn’t play fairly” after his election, overturning the country’s courts and laws, and threatening the future of free elections, by excluding Egyptians who didn’t belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, a panel assembled by the Wall Street Journal, including  Nancy Messieh of the Atlantic Council, WSJ Middle East bureau chief Bill Spindle and Simon Constable discuss the ouster of Morsi by the military and what comes next for the country and the Middle East.

Egyptian Military Ousts Morsi

The head of the Egyptian army has appeared live on state television to announce the suspension of the constitution. General Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, flanked by religious and military leaders, said the chief justice of constitutional court would take the powers of the presidency. The announcement means President Mohammed Morsi is no longer in power. Anti-Morsi protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square gave out a huge cheer in response to the speech, which follows four days of huge nationwide street protests against Morsi, who refused to negotiate with his detractors.

Egyptian President Digs In

The clock is now ticking down towards the deadline set by the Egyptian army for President Mohamed Morsi to meet the concerns of the protesters on the streets. The President is digging in his heels, rejecting the army’s ultimatum.

Anti-Morsi Protests Rock Egypt

Mass protests calling for the resignation of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and an early presidential election are taking place in Cairo and around Egypt. His opponents say he has failed to tackle economic and security problems and instead pushed the Islamist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood party.The protests come on the first anniversary of Morsi’s election as Egypt’s first Islamist president.

Rivals Clash in Egypt

Tens of thousands of backers and opponents of Egypt’s Islamist president held competing rallies and new clashes erupted between the two sides in the country’s second largest city, Alexandria, in a prelude to massive nationwide protests planned by the opposition for June 30 demanding Mohammed Morsi’s removal.

Brazil’s Political Firestorm

In her first TV address since the start of demonstrations a week ago, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff promised to improve services and crack down on corruption. But is it enough?

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