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Is There Income Mobility?

Are the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer? Prof. Sean Mulholland of Stonehill College uses several statistical measures and finds that this common perception may not be accurate. A surface-level examination of statistics may indicate that the poor are getting poorer, but a more thorough study shows that there is more income mobility in the United States than many might think.

Culture of Impunity

A report on Bangladesh, the world’s eighth most populous nation, but one grappling with a series of crippling problems — chief among them, poverty and widespread corruption. Sectarian violence also is on the rise, as the dominant Muslims commonly harass minority populations of Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. H/T Journeyman Pictures

The Dependency Agenda

Instead of ending poverty, the Great Society policies launched by President Lyndon B. Johnson backfired, causing poverty to become more pervasive and insidious. The reason: Johnson’s welfare programs weren’t designed to succeed, but rather to establish an entrenched entitlement system leading to greater dependence on the federal government for the benefit of a “parasitic political class.” Kevin D. Williamson outlines the arguments why this is so in his new broadsideĀ The Dependency Agenda, published by Encounter Books.

Losing the War on Poverty

President Obama is spending 42 percent more on welfare programs than President Bush, yet the number of Americans sliding into poverty keeps growing. Why? This Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation video suggests the problem lies with a flawed approach, emphasizing federal redistribution of wealth rather than free enterprise as the best means to tackle poverty. Of note: Poverty rates dropped steadily in the United States until the 1960s when the federal government became more proactively involved in the War of Poverty. The end result: A bigger government, but no discernible advances in eradicating poverty. Hadley Heath with the Independent Women’s Forum presents the CFPF case. H/T Powerline

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