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Libertarians: Build Bridges

Dr. Walter E. Williams suggests libertarians need to build coalitions and deploy a better strategy to promote the notions of liberty.

A Bloodletting in Australia

Australia’s first female prime minister Julia Gillard gets knifed by members of her own Labour Party ahead of the fall elections. Just where does this leave the party so close to an election? Do the Liberals even need to campaign with this kind of Labour self-destruction?H/T Next Media Animation


Why Politicians Sound the Same

Could you tell the difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney during the last election debates? To many people, they sounded more or less the same. If you’re wondering why this was the case, it’s not because they agree. During elections, political party platforms move to the middle, to attract what is called the “median voter,” essentially, the Independents and the voters closest to the middle. H/T Learn Liberty

Vegetarian Ham

Joe Dan Gorman, the sneaky weasel, extols the virtues of Chinese vegetarian ham, the tube steak we’ll all be eating in the future if we keep borrowing billions of dollars from China. On a more serious note, Joe Dan demonstrates how the Republicans and Democrats have morphed into two branches of the same party. One branch openly declares its intentions to screw the public. The other branch bends over and permits the massacre. Watch Intellectual Froglegs and learn.

The Virtual Inaugural 2013

PJTV pundit Bill Whittle accepts the Virtual Presidency, sharing some words of wisdom more profound than anything our actual president said in his 2013 inaugural address.  The focus of Whittle’s talk: The pursuit of happiness in modern America.

Rulers and Peasants

Joe Dan Gorman, freelance genius and salsa dancer, says half of our political elite should be in jail and the other half awaiting trial. He asks what has happened to the rule of law? Why has our media fallen asleep? Democracy, as we know it, is fading fast, and now we’re returning to an older form of government in which a clear demarcation exists between rulers and peasants. Hear Joe Dan’s astute assessment of the situation in this Intellectual Froglegs.


Get a Spine

Killer Fawn offers some straight talk to the GOP’s conservative leadership: Nut up or shut up.

Strange Bedfellows

Mary Matalin and James Carver aren’t the only couple who’ve learned how to sleep with the political enemy. Watch several “purple” couples who filmed themselves in the lead-up to the 2012 elections. Presented by the Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

Weasel Words Shape Politics

Not only politicians, but also the media, often use euphemisms to soften the truth and camouflage hard realities. Civilians killed in wars are called “collateral damage.” No one’s rich or poor, anymore. Soldiers don’t suffer shellshock, but post-traumatic stress disorder.

This report from Russian TV examines the bureaucratic  “newspeak,” invoking George Carlin in the process. Of course, Russian politicians and media are just as adept as their American counterparts in lying to the public.

The First Female President

The Democrats have played the Race Card. Now they’re intending to play the Sex Card by electing Hillary Clinton as the first female President in 2016. Alfonzo Rachel says Republicans should short-circuit the trumped-up War on Women by electing the first female President themselves. He makes his case in this ZoNation. H/T PJTV

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