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British Concessions to Islam

Islam has attempted for countless centuries to wipe out European nations and cultures. If the current campaign succeeds, you can chalk up the capitulation to political correctness and a misguided form of multicultural liberalism, as this report from Great Britain underscores. H/T Moonbattery

Political Correctness is Marxism

Comedian Brad Stine traces the origins of political correctness to Marxism and explains why it’s undermining our freedoms in a conversation with Victoria Jackson. He also touches upon the prejudices of liberals and how their embrace of multiculturalism is hollow — because they don’t really honor or provide a platform for those holding opposing views.

The Goose-Stepping Democrats

Three Democratic dimwits have made headlines by playing the Nazi card against Republicans. South Carolina’s Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian was among these slanderous slugs, likening his state’s governor, Nikki Haley, to Hitler’s down-in-the-bunker mistress Eva Braun. Here’s how Harpootlian explained his outrageous claims.

Harpootlian admits he engaged in hyperbole and mudslinging, citing the heat of political combat as his excuse. One might be inclined to forgive him, except his comments came in tandem with similar charges leveled by Kansas Democratic Labor Committee president Pat Lehman and John Burton, the Democratic party chairman from California, who both asserted that the GOP had taken a page out of Joseph Goebbels’ playbook by spreading “The Big Lie” during the Republican Convention in Tampa.

So, are the Democrats getting swept up in the fever-pitch of their emotions, or are they engaged in a cold, calculated effort to plant a false, half-cocked meme? In answer to that, let’s dial the clock back to when the GOP waged the good fight against Obamacare. How did US Congressman Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat, react to the opposition? Listen to him speak on the floor of the House.

In short, the Democrats have been persistently pounding the drum, engaging in a bombastic and brazen campaign to tar Republicans with the stench of Nazism. The biggest problem with that? It’s the Democrats whose policies, by and large, replicate those of Adolf Hitler. How, you ask? Let’s examine the brutal truths.

  • Between 1933 and 1939, in the build-up to WWII, Hitler’s National Socialist government collected revenues of 62 billion marks, but spent 101 billion marks, disregarding the ever-increasing deficits while amassing a national debt exceeding 38 billion marks. Sound familiar?
  • To try to stimulate Germany’s economy and erase the deficits, Hitler abolished the gold standard and enacted Keynesian policies, involving large governmental and public works projects as a means to close the gap and reduce unemployment. Ring a bell?
  • At the same time, Hitler pushed a trade policy called autarky — designed to discourage open and free trade with other nations, except for vital, raw resources needed to develop Germany’s military arsenal. When President George W. Bush took office, the United States had free-trade agreements in place with only three nations — Canada, Mexico and Israel. Bush negotiated 14 additional such agreements. President Obama has negotiated none on his own, but did sign into law pacts with Colombia, Panama and South Korea put into motion in the Bush years.
  • Hitler consolidated and nationalized key German industries, viewing capitalism with disdain as being brutal and unjust. He presented himself as a champion for workers’ rights, but insisted the workers submerge their individual wills to the collective good of the whole, as embodied by the state.  Interesting that the Democrats showcased a video at their convention in Charlotte on the theme “We All Belong to the Government.”
  • Hitler hated smoking, was a vegetarian, an ardent environmentalist and favored stringent gun control measures for the general public. Does that sound like any Democrats you know?
  • The Nazis were the first government to widely disseminate contraceptives as part of a larger policy, involving enforced sterilizations and euthanasia, aimed against non-Aryans. How many speakers in Charlotte railed about contraceptives? Essentially, everyone who took the podium. True, they talked about birth control as a right, and not as something sinister. But they did not present it as a God-given right, having already removed any religious reference whatsoever from their party platform.
  • They also had stricken the platform’s longstanding language to proclaim Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I’m not going to argue that decision equates morally with Hitler’s extermination of 6 million Jews. But I will say this, and say it without hesitation. When I meet people who are anti-Semitic these days, they are not generally right-leaning wingnuts, but rather the loons who occupy the so-called “Progressive” wing of the Democratic Party. These folks have grown more strident and shrill over the last few years, emboldened in their arrogance by the false messiah they put into the White House.

Is Obama Der Fuehrer? Are Democrats his brownshirt disciples? Unlike Misters Harpootlian, Burton and Cohen, and Ms. Lehman, I’ll give the donkey’s asses the benefit of the doubt. Few of them, I’m convinced, know enough about history to understand just how dangerously naive, or potentially insidious, their policies are. That said, it’s incumbent upon the rest of us, whether we’re Republicans, Libertarians, independents or otherwise — to push back and do whatever we can to restrain and ridicule the worst of the Democrats’ extremist tendencies.

I won’t attempt to tell you what you must do, because that’s really your own individual call to make, in accordance with your own religious and political beliefs.  All I’ll say here: The Democrats should be looking into the mirror before slinging around allegations of Nazism. Shame on them and their enablers in the media, Hollywood and academia. When you’re talking Nazism, the boot fits them a lot more closely like a glove, than ever could be applied to any of us who believe in free markets, the free exchange of ideas and individuals exercising independent thought.


Comedian Brad Stine tackles political correctness and the wussification of America.

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