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7 More Minutes

Four sunbathers at a nude beach gingerly take the plunge in this Claymation short from Poland’s Izabela Plucinska. She works wonders with the clay to capture the sights and rhythms of a day at the beach. You can practically smell the salt water wafting ashore. The spare score by Marcel Oles nicely dovetails with the masterful visuals.

Animated History of Poland

Produced for the Polish Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, this amazing animation captures the history of Poland in eight, action-packed minutes.  You might not be familiar enough with Polish history to grasp the significance of all of the events depicted, or totally follow the chronology,  but check it out anyway. The animation is quite strong, and provides a solid peg to learn more about Poland. H/T Kuriositas


Hello Kitty! A squadron of tanks and helicopters can’t stop the ferocious furball Catzilla from destroying a city.  But there’s one secret weapon that just might turn the tides. The fast-paced Catzilla is the handiwork of Plastic Demoscene, a group of young animators based in Poland.

The Next Breakout Nations

Ruchir Sharma, head of the Emerging Markets Equity team at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, says China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa might have reached a plateau in growth, and that India has no more than a 50 percent chance of sustaining its good performance. So which countries will become breakout nations, maintaining high growth or exceeding expectations in the coming years?

Sharma identifies four prospects — Turkey and Indonesia, two Muslim democracies, have strong credentials to become the next breakout nations. And in Europe, he sees the top two candidates as being Poland and the Czech Republic. He projects a mixed outlook for the United States, saying innovation and entrepreneurship could help the nation to beat expectations, but we have pressing current problems that demand attention. H/T CATO Institute

The Last Generation

Zabno, a small town in southern Poland, was a haven for Jewish families until WWII broke out. In this report, we hear the disturbing stories of people who experienced Nazi cruelty first hand and see just how fresh the wounds left by the Final Solution still are.

Although many Jewish people from Zabno were transported to concentration camps such as Belzec, this moving film focuses on those who were left behind — murdered in their own gardens and buried in unmarked graves, and the lucky few that managed to escape. But were they really lucky? Through startling and frank accounts of their experiences, a small group of surviving women recount how they suffered terrible beatings at German hands and watched with horror as their families were taken away to their deaths. H/T Journeyman Pictures

Spiderman Loose in Warsaw

Sylwester Adam Wardega is a merry prankster on a mission. Dressed as Spiderman, he rules the streets of Warsaw, riding herd over trains and escalators, entertaining tourists and bedeviling authorities. H/T My Disguises

World of Beers XXV

On tap tonight: Lech, Poland.

Besides featuring the music of the Breeders, this commercial shot in Rosarito, Mexico, also invokes a second cultural reference point. The ad agency used the same water tank at the Baja Fox Studios that served as a backdrop for the movie Titanic.

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