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Hollywood Gets Religion

It seems when Hollywood gets religion, the box office rejoices. Recently, the top four films included two faith-based productions–Noah and God’s Not Dead.  So what exactly does this mean for Hollywood? PJTV’s “Trifecta” crew of Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green discuss the ramifications.

Zo Rejects ‘Noah’

Alfonzo Rachel warns us to go see the movie Noah at our own peril. Rachel says he refused to see a movie made by atheists who don’t believe in God. “The problem with this movie,” Rachel says, “is that it violates the commandment to not take God’s name in vain. The movie is using God to promote a secular world view. That’s taking the Lord’s name in vain. You’re not interested in God and his word, you’re only interested in his name to give leverage to your agenda, which leads people away from him.” Tune in to hear more of Rachel’s critique in this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV.

Abusing the First Amendment

Alfonzo Rachel reminds us again that our first amendment is under heavy attack. Pro-abortion activists are forcing Christian-owned businesses to give up their religious freedom. In addition, they continue to use the Girl Scouts of America as a front to fund Planned Parenthood. We all have religious freedom, as long as those freedoms don’t infringe on our right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and property. Says Rachel in this episode of “Zonation” on PJTV, “Liberals like to say freedom from religion. That’s not what the Constitution says. But I understand that liberals like to twist the Constitution to suit their selfish world view. OK, fine. You can have freedom from religion, if that’s what you want the Constitution to say. But what goes for freedom of religion, also goes for freedom from religion. Because just as freedom from religion cannot be exercised as depriving others of their rights, freedom from religion cannot be exercised of depriving others of their rights.” Check out the episode as Rachel explains.

UK’s Progressive Atrocity

In the 18th century, Gulliver’s Travels author Jonathan Swift sarcastically called for eating the young to feed the Irish poor. Fast forward to the progressive 21st century and Swift would be horrified to learn that babies aren’t being eaten, but incinerated by the thousands in United Kingdom hospitals. Join Bill Whittle in this edition of PJTV’s “Afterburner” as he rips this modern-day atrocity, a possible prelude to America’s Affordable Care Act.

What Stinkin’ Recovery?

Glenn Reynolds of PJTV’s “Instavision” says that if you believe President Obama, we’ve recovered from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. But the unemployment malaise continues, fewer people are actually looking for work and the housing market remains sluggish. Reynolds talks with Terry Jones and Andrew Malcolm of Investor’s Business Daily,who discuss whether another housing bubble is on the horizon.

Political Brain Drain

Take away their script, they babble aimlessly. Take away their teleprompters, they’re lost in space. In this edition of “Trifecta,” on PJTV, hosts Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle discuss the brain drain on our politicians, including the master perpetrator, President Obama.

In a Tizzy Over Bibles in Hotels

Annie Laurie Gailor and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have set their sights on Christianity, zeroing in on a hotel on the campus of Iowa State University and its Bibles in guest rooms. It seems Gailor is objecting to the Bible being the only book placed in hotel rooms. In this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV, Alfonzo Rachel explains, “Uhhh, because the majority of the country is Christian, that’s why. You Democrats claim to be Democrats because you swear by the majority rule, right? Well, the majority of the country considers themselves Christian, and does feel that the word of God is a good thing to have access to.”

Destination: Russia

With the world’s eyes on Russia, host of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the faults of a socialist-based society are more visible than ever. Although liberals hold Mother Russia as the model for a utopian society, mistakes and failures abound. In this edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV, Bill Whittle spells out the differences of the totalitarian state of Russia and the liberty, choice and personal responsibility of the USA. But, Whittle warns, are the policies and tendencies of the current administration driving us toward the Russian way of life?

Black Conservatives Blasted

William Barber, director of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, recently took a swipe at conservative blacks in the vein of a long, storied liberal tradition of drive-by mouthing off. Barber made certain in his speech to point out that the new wave of black conservatives were merely mouthpieces for the GOP. Which, of course, caught the ire of Alfonzo Rachel. “You don’t want racial strife to end. You liberals feed off of it,” he says. “You want people to hate each other, and you especially want people to hate Republicans.” Listen in to Zo as he elaborates in this edition of PJTV’s Zonation.

Getting a Divine Charge

Interstate Battery’s recent commercial titled “God’s Love” has Alfonzo Rachel stoked. The host of PJTV’s “Zonation” says, “I was so stoked to see a business that instead of relying on the self-righteous act of so many companies who promote their love of the earth and the environment, to appeal to the shallow feel goodism of so many people. Interstate Battery charged up their gusto and went against the grain and the culture that’s more and more being conditioned to find God offensive.”

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