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Pilgrims: Vicious Cannibals?

Egyptian Islamist politician Hussam Abu Al-Bukhari drops a bombshell, declaring that the American Pilgrims practiced cannibalism, killing hundreds of millions of Native Americans and eating their flesh. And you thought the Pilgrims were eating turkey and cranberries for those first Thanksgiving dinners. How quaint and naive.

Dang Turkey Socialists

The Mayflower Pilgrims of the Plymouth colony initially lived a communal lifestyle with common property; that is, until starvation and famine set in. What do holidays like Thanksgiving teach us about socialism? Hear more as Terry Jones of Investor Business Daily and Doug Altner of the Ayn Rand Center discuss the Pilgrims with Allen Barton. H/T PJTV

The Pilgrims and the Civil War

Happy Thanksgiving! On this holiday where we remember the Pilgrims, it’s timely to explore their broader impact on American history. Dick Morris does just that, examining how the American Civil War represented a clash of values pitting the Pilgrims against class rivals who had come to this continent even earlier. In some respects, Morris says, the Civil War was the culmination of previous clashes fought in England centuries ago.

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