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Ending the War on Ferrets

Slinky, curious, and intelligent – ferrets have been domesticated for centuries. But in D.C., New York City, Hawaii, and California ferret owners face threats of jail time and fines up to $10,000.

Ferret opponents fret that the 20-inch mammals are likely to launch “vicious unprovoked attacks on humans,” despite a study from California’s own Research Bureau which found that ferrets don’t “pose an unusual risk of bites.” Others worry that escaped pet ferrets could form feral bands in the wild, but the same study found it “improbable that domestic ferrets could establish feral colonies in California.” H/T Reason.TV

Banning Bikini Baristas

They make it their business to mind your business, and this month America’s busybodies have been working overtime.

Lawmakers are no longer loco for just one brand of energy drink. Illinois State Rep. Luis Arroyo (D-Chicago) has penned a bill that would make it illegal “to sell, offer for sale or deliver” just about any kind of energy drink to anyone under age 18 (Arroyo’s championing another top-tier issue–outlawing lion steaks).

Meanwhile, dog lovers in Oklahoma are sounding off against a plan cooked up by State Sen. Patrick Anderson (R-Enid) to allow cities to ban specific breeds of dogs. But this time the Nanny of the Month comes to us from Shelton, Washington, where city commissioners and townspeople alike have united against a threat of bikini baristas. H/T Reason TV

Prison for Smokers

Our nation’s nannies, scolds and buttinskies started 2013 with a renewed hunger to mind other people’s business.

One Florida city has banned dog tethering (even on your own property!) and a Texas State Rep. Bill Zedler (R-Arlington) wants to license strippers to dissuade women from going into that line of work.  But Reason awards 2013’s first Nanny of the Month booby prize to the northwest nag whose new bill, if passed, would expand the drug war by categorizing cigarettes as a Schedule III controlled substance (along with LSD). You’d need a doctor’s prescription to get your mitts on tobacco products (including cigars), and if you disobey, you could be looking at a fine of $6,250, up to a year in prison, or both.

Buckle Up Your Dogs

Reason.TV reveals its “Nanny of the Month” award-winner for July — the state of New Jersey, where busybodies can now fine dog owners up to $1,000 for failure to use seat belts on their pets.  Errant dog owners can also be arrested and jailed for up to six months, with citations issued by either police or SPCA officers. Wonder if you’ll be banished to a doghouse if you also happen to be sexting on your cell phone at the same time.

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