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Public Unions Vs. the Public

Cities and states are sinking under the burden of debt brought about by public service union contracts. How did it get this way and what can be done about it? Philip Howard, founder of Common Good, has answers.

Obama’s War on Retirees

The Obama Administration’s policies have effectively stripped retirees of their life savings and nest-eggs. Clamping down on interest rates benefits the debt-ridden government, but not the citizenry, whose investments are now producing meager or negligible earnings. Pundit Dick Morris explains.

California’s Pension Bomb

Once widely viewed as the most beautiful state in the nation, world-renowned for its climate and its beaches, California is now flirting with disaster, seemingly destined to become America’s version of Greece. The state is hurling toward bankruptcy, but still rewards its workers with lavish pensions that the state lacks the resources to sustain. John Stossel discusses this ticking time bomb with Dan Mitchell from the CATO Institute and Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Kevin James.

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