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Hazard or Hyperbole?

As North Korea steps up its war of words against the South and the United States, Reuters Korea Bureau Chief David Chance evaluates the chances of the talk translating into real action.

The Sea of Fire

Simon and Martina are not only the web’s most popular vbloggers on Korean pop, they also have lived for several years in South Korea. In this video, they drop the cultural chit-chat for a more serious discussion of what it’s like living in the shadow of North Korea with its constant threats to annihilate the South, unleashing a “sea of fire” and “ocean of destruction.” They talk about how South Koreans cope with the threat and what they are doing about it.

The Manhattan Project

World War II’s Manhattan Project ushered in the Atomic Age. On the one hand, the project led to the development of the first nuclear bombs, but it also produced a wealth of new scientific knowledge from which mankind is still reaping the rewards today. Hank Green looks back at that massive project and its enormous consequences in this edition of the SciShow.


Pacific Fallout

The French conducted 193 nuclear weapons tests on the idyllic islands making up French Polynesia. Decades on, can the islands ever be completely decontaminated? SBS Dateline from Australia reports.

Obama’s Naive Iran Policy

President Obama wants to negotiate with the Iranians. There’s only one problem, says pundit Dick Morris: The Iranians don’t want to play ball. They have adjusted to the US sanctions, and they’re still going full-speed ahead with their nuclear development program.

Explosion Rocks Nuclear Plant

A huge blast caused extensive damage last week to the Fordo nuclear plant in Iran. Much of the Fordo facility is underground. It reportedly contains some 2,700 centrifuges used to enrich uranium.

Russian Babes Rattle Iranians

Iran’s nuclear facilities have previously faced threats of espionage and assassination of scientists, but now a lawmaker from the Islamic Republic has reported a new threat: Russian women. The Iranian official said female Russian workers at Iran’s nuclear power plant have a corrupting and negative impact on other workers at the facility because they don’t wear the required head covering.

Obama Opposes Iran Sanctions

By a vote of 94-0, the Senate has approved imposing tough new sanctions on Iran to forestall that nation’s nuclear ambitions. But the Obama Administration is balking and threatening to veto the sanctions. Pundit Dick Morris wonders how the administration justifies its stance in light of Obama’s tough Iran rhetoric during the Presidential debates.

2016 More Relevant Now

Dinesh D’Souza, filmmaker of the documentary 2016: Obama’s America, says the work is even more relevant now that President Obama has won re-election. While it’s too early to say if the most dire predictions in the film will come true, D’Souza says he’s troubled with two recent developments: 1. Obama scheduling a trip to Russia, presumably to discuss dismantling America’s nuclear defenses 2. The continued rise in Muslim militancy around the world. He discusses these issues with Newsmax.

Obama Puts Up His Nukes

Alfonzo Rachel agrees with President Obama on reducing our inventory of nukes, but Zo has a different approach for accomplishing that reduction. He would deploy the nukes on nations that murder American citizens. Zo shares his other thoughts on the Romney-Obama foreign policy debate in this edition of Zonation.

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