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Palin Defends Gun Rights

Taking the stage in a T-shirt that read “Women Hunt” in pink lettering, Sarah Palin riled up the crowd at the NRA convention in Houston, Texas. Palin spoke for more than 12 minutes about her strong defense of the Second Amendment and other conservative principles. She even attempted to recreate her popular “Big Gulp” moment from her CPAC speech earlier this year by pulling out a tin of chewing tobacco and threatening to “dip” on stage.

Obama’s Gun Control Defeat

Glenn Reynolds talks to Michael Barone about President Obama’s failure to push gun control legislation through the Senate. Has Obama lost his persuasive abilities, or was he asking too much from Congress and the American people? Could the real problem be that President Obama has never encountered true dissent in his political life? Find out. H/T PJTV

Jovan Belcher Tragedy

Liberals like Jason Whitlock want you to believe that the NRA killed Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend. Alfonzo Rachel tells you why the NRA is not the KKK, and reminds you who is really to blame for this murder-suicide, in addition to other tragedies in black communities in this ZoNation. H/T PJTV

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