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The Danish Poet

Just in time for the 2013 Oscars, the 2007 Oscar winner for best animated short has turned up on Vimeo. And it’s one of the more magical Oscar winners in a many a moon — a serendipitous tale of the sad Danish poet Kaspar, who meets the love of his life, Ingeborg, on a vacation to Norway. But she’s destined to marry a local farmer, leaving Kaspar even more depressed than before. Will his fate finally turn? How much do circumstance and chance dictate all of our lives?

Torill Kove wrote and directed this delightfully quirky, hand-drawn work with teams of animators from the National Film Board of Canada and Mikrofilm AS in Norway. Liv Ullman is an inspired choice to serve as the narrator. The Danish Poet became the first film from Norway to capture an Oscar since Thor Heyerdahl’s documentary Kon-Tiki in 1952. H/T Kuriositas

Africa for Norway

You, too, can donate your radiator and spread some warmth! H/T IMAO

Aurora Borealis

Sometimes called “The Dance of the Spirits,” the Aurora Borealis is a natural light display visible through the winter months, particularly in high latitude regions of the Arctic. This time-lapse by Chris Tandy captures the Northern Lights last January in the Kvæfjord and Harstad areas of northern Norway. The majority of the displays involve undulating patterns of green light, but in rare instances, red and blue lights can also be seen.

What causes the Aurora? Theories about its origins have been debated for centuries and common misconceptions persist that the aurora is the sun’s rays scattered off ice crystals in the high atmosphere. In truth, the light is created more than 100km above Earth’s surface as high-speed electrons and protons ejected from the sun in a solar flare collide with air molecules in the upper atmosphere.

World of Beers XXIX

On tap tonight: Vorterol Malt Drink (non-alcoholic), Norway.

Even an iguana might be quenched by a non-alcoholic drink if the day was hot enough and the drink super-chilled.

Gangnam Parodies Abound

They’ve sprouted up like dandelions all around the world. Psy’s K-Pop hit “Gangnam Style” has spawned more parodies than any other song this year, perhaps all decade. On YouTube, you won’t find three or four parodies, or even a dozen, but several hundred of them from all across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Americas and even from Oman. We can’t, and wouldn’t want, to present them all — some are sweet, but best left for friends and families to view. Here are eight that merit viral attention.

First, from Korea, comes “Hongdae Style.” Just as Psy sings of Gangnam, Seoul’s most upscale shopping district, this parody celebrates another neighborhood of the Korean city, the Hongdae district, full of nightclubs and restaurants that cater to college students and younger Koreans.

Also from Korea, “Byuntae Style.” Byuntae is not a place, but a slang term for a pervert.

From Thailand, a parody called “กำนันสไตล์,” which I’m afraid I can’t begin to translate. But the love interest in the red, white and blue USA hot pants needs no translation.

From Italy, “High on Gangnam Style.”

Some animated horseplay — “Pony Gangnam Style.”

Here, the University of Oregon Duck leads the Oregon Cheer, Sluggo and Bigfoot in their own Gangnam parody.

And, finally, even the Norwegians cut loose with “Norway Style.”

World of Beers XX

On tap tonight: Ringnes, Norway.

The cure for Norwegian Inherited Stiffness Syndrome.

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