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Fat, Fatter and Fattest

Roughly 70 percent of Mexico’s population is overweight and the country’s childhood obesity has tripled over the last decade. As a result, Mexico has edged the United States and New Zealand as the world’s fattest nation.



For sufferers of a neurological condition known as synaesthesia, the boundaries blur between the senses. Sights blend with sounds, smells can evoke colors. This New Zealand animated short follows one synaesthete through a lifetime of confusing experiences, giving way to serenity at the end.  Tien Hee, Kasumi Saito, Leo Chida and Nikko Hull collaborated in making the 2011 short. At the time, all four were students at Massey University. H/T Animation Blog

Kiwi Cops

In the city of Wellington, New Zealand, urinary-related crimes are considered particularly heinous.

This Little Piggy Went Surfing

New Zealand has a new surfing star who doesn’t let his diminutive size stop him from riding the waves to the full. Two-month-old Zorro the piglet has been surfing with owner Matthew Bell since he was just 3 weeks old.

Mega Man

Kim Dotcom has divided opinion on whether he’s the first Robin Hood of the Internet era or the web’s biggest pirate. Mark Davis, from Australia’s SBS Dateline, travels to New Zealand to reveal the man behind the bravado. Dotcom not only recalls last year’s military-style raid on his mansion outside Auckland, but also shares his obsessive passion for video games, notably Call of Duty.


He’s Got the Cat Scratch Fever

Worried about protecting native bird species, a whack-job environmentalist from New Zealand has launched a campaign to eradicate the domestic house cat. On his website, “Cats to Go,” Gareth Morgan advocates neutering and euthanasia for felines. H/T Next Media Animation

Adrenalin Nation

Adventure tourism is big business in New Zealand. About 40 percent of all foreign travelers to the nation will try out an extreme sport during their stay. This report surveys the landscape and the many adventures — bungee jumping, mountain climbing, skiing, rafting, ballooning, base jumping and other strenuous, sometimes dangerous activities. H/T Journeyman Pictures

An Air Hobbit Briefing

Air New Zealand has partnered with  WETA Workshop on a brand-new, Hobbit-inspired safety video for air passengers. The video features cameo appearances, including Sir Peter Jackson. H/T IMAO

World of Beers LXIV

On tap tonight: Tui, New Zealand.

Three mugs stage a brazen break-in at a Tui brewery and have to elude the gorgeous guards.

A Farewell to Fallen Soldiers

In New Zealand, the Army has embraced the Maori custom of “haka,” a powerful and public display of emotions on behalf of fallen comrades. Here, the soldiers of the 2/1 RNZIR Battalion perform their haka — a mix of chants and body thrusts — to greet the deceased as they enter the unit’s parade ground for the very last time. The ceremony was for Corporal Luke Tamatea, 31, Private Richard Harris, 21, and Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker, 26, medic, all killed in action by an IED in Afghanistan. Baker was the first New Zealand woman lost in the war. H/T small dead animals

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