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Real-Life Boob Tube

Here’s something you would probably never see on an American talk show. During a segment on breastfeeding during a Dutch TV show, host Paul de Leeuw decided to try some of the milk himself, by sucking it directly from one of his guest’s breasts. He then sampled the milk from her other breast.

What Would Nicolas Cage Do?

Dutch comedian Ronald Goedemondt does a spot-on impersonation of Nicolas Cage in the midst of a demon.


Tangled Up

Perhaps the best-known Dutch jazz singer, Caro Emerald set her latest song to a colorful, richly textured Videodrome animation.  The work features motion design and special effects by Christophe Mentz,  Nicolas Capus and Shu Yamamoto.

Till Dance Do Us Part

A married couple used to be dancing fools. But now they’ve grown old, and the husband is confined to a wheelchair. Still, his wife is such a fanatic she just can’t put away her dancing shoes, much to his chagrin. This hilarious exercise is the graduation film of four animations students — Tom Mourik, Thijs Viegers, Ben Vinkenburg and Jessy Suharyanto — from the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands.

Hold the Line

Four soldiers march through a ruined world, their nerves frayed and their minds shot by the pitched fighting they have endured. Can they hold the line?  Dutch animator Sem Assink completed this independent short in 2008 and is currently animating PlayStation titles. Visit his website at

Babes of Burlesque: 9


A founder of the Rose City Shimmy, a burlesque collective out of Portland, Oregon, Charlotte Treuse is an intoxicating entertainer. She revels in the classic, and a deep respect for the glory days of burlesque distinguishes her seductive performances. She feels most inspired when accompanied by a live band, and has partnered with Orchestra L’Pow to create the revue: Bump and Grind for the Sophisticated Set. Here’s her performance from the 4th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival —  a fitting selection as she’s in the process of relocating to New Orleans.

Charlotte in Night Train, one of her signature acts at Portland’s Hawthorne Theater.

Her website:

The Squirrel and the Swallow

A squirrel and a swallow form an unlikely friendship, their alliance helping them ward off evil even after winter arrives and the swallow flies south for the season. This kind-hearted, but also surreal animated short comes from the Netherlands. Arjan Boeve directed, adapting the story from the writings of Toon Tellegen. H/T Kuriositas

The Origin of Creatures

Inspired by the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel, Dutch animator Floris Kaayk created this surreal short set in a devastated city of the future. Humans have survived only as mutant body parts — hands, legs, eyeballs — that must learn to adapt to this harsh, apocalyptic environment to survive. In the rubble of destroyed buildings, they are trying to erect a nest as large and as high as possible, so their queen gets enough sunlight to reproduce.

Kaayk lives in The Hague, Netherlands, and graduated cum laude from the animation department at the St. Joost Academy. Visit his website at H/T Kuriositas

World of Beers LIX

On tap tonight: Heineken, Netherlands.

Passing the Swiss neutrality test. Commercial shot in Switzerland for airing in the United Kingdom.

World of Beers L

On tap tonight: Heineken, Netherlands.

Serving the planet by opening one new closet at a time.

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