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Obama Skipping Tight Races

“President Obama will not be visiting at least four states with tight Senate races during the upcoming campaign season,” says Jodi Miller. “Which means the president will have to restrict his travel to the other 53 states." In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on race relations, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, NBC, CNN, Michelle Obama and Fidel Castro.

NBC Enters Circle of Dumb

The belching, burping Chris Matthews has hit a new low in broadcast belligerence. Hear how on this Kruiser Control as Stephen Kruiser also brings you Mika Brzezinski’s analysis of capitalism, in addition to Nancy Snyderman’s Today Show Christmas shocker.

Romney Surge Gets Media Riled

This just in…NBC Political Director Chuck Todd called the work of pollster Scott Rasmussen slop. “You know what that must mean,” says Jodi Miller. “Romney’s ahead.” Hear more about the Vice Presidential debate, Stacey Dash’s endorsement of Romney and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, in this edition of NewsBusted.

Media Hounds Howling

Why is Chuck Todd, the chief White House correspondent for NBC, more upset with Mitt Romney than with the radical Islamists who raped and murdered US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens? Find out on Stephen Green’s Week in Blogs. Also, you’ll hear about the radical Occupiers who threatened to blow up a bridge in Cleveland, Ohio, and why Michele Obama, incredulously, considers obesity the greatest security threat facing the nation.

NBC Mourns Neil Young

Stephen Green recaps the latest media blunders and political gaffes in a new edition of The Week in Blogs. Learn how:

  • NBC reported the death of astronaut Neil Young
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has hightailed it to a remote island chain in the Pacific Ocean during the Democratic National Convention
  • US Rep. Charlie Rangel has thrown Vice President Joe Biden under the bus. H/T PJTV

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