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Whatchya Hiding, Obama?

Recent reports make it obvious that the Obama Administration is going to great lengths to defend ‘national’ secrets from the public. Here’s a take from Taiwan on the many brewing scandals engulfing the secretive and politically minded president.

Border Security

Pundit Dick Morris advocates passage of the new immigration bill, saying it addresses many issues and problems that have gone unresolved for decades through both Democratic and Republican administrations. He believes those who call it an amnesty measure are mistaken.

Obama’s Broad Spy Powers

After a perfunctory, last-minute debate, the Senate has reauthorized a law allowing for sweeping federal spying powers, including warrantless surveillance on domestic communications.¬†Amendments that would have offered a small degree of oversight were pushed aside. Defenders claimed that they simply didn’t have time to properly consider alternatives, but that’s mainly because they didn’t schedule a debate until mere hours remained before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act amendments were set to expire.

Cato Institute research fellow Julian Sanchez examines the alternatives.

A Gift for Hackers

As you’re all aware, hackers can easily compromise your computers. But what you may not know is how easy it’s becoming to lift sensitive data — financial records, medical charts, company trade secrets or even compromising vacation photos — off your printers, scanners and other similar devices. H/T Journeyman Pictures

Step Up School Security

In the wake of the tragic school massacre in Connecticut, many on the Left are pushing for stricter gun controls. But Connecticut has some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation, and that didn’t prevent the massacre. Pundit Dick Morris has an alternative suggestion — increased security at schools, including metal detectors and armed officers. We stopped plane hijackings by improving security at airports, and now we need to move proactively to protect our schools, he says.

Vulture Drone Drops Into Sudan

An investigation has been launched by Khartoum officials after a suspect vulture was reportedly found in Sudan tagged with an Israeli GPS chip and a leg band labeled “Israel Nature Service” and “Hebrew University, Jerusalem.” Khartoum’s media claimed that the device was capable of taking photos and sending them back to Jewish state; but Israel’s National Parks Service dismissed the allegation, saying that both the band and the GPS chip were nothing more than standard migration trackers.

The Satellite Hunter

Vice travels to Paris to interview premier astrophotographer, Thierry Legault, about tracking spy satellites in the sky. It’s a story of mutual surveillance, adept tracking and ultimately one man’s quest to do “things that nobody has done before.”

Abolish Homeland Security

Nick Gillespie of Reason.TV cites three arguments for eliminating the Department of Homeland Security, and seeking leaner, meaner, more efficient means to protect the United States from terrorist attack.

Prez Skips Briefings for TV Gig

This just in…President Obama appeared on The David Letterman¬†Show this week. “You know what that means,” says Jodi Miller. “Obama has shown up on Letterman more times than he has for his intelligence briefings.” Also hear about Obama adviser David Axelrod strong-arming the Gallup pollsters and a mailman who dealt cocaine along his route on the latest edition of NewsBusted.

Media Hounds Howling

Why is Chuck Todd, the chief White House correspondent for NBC, more upset with Mitt Romney than with the radical Islamists who raped and murdered US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens? Find out on Stephen Green’s Week in Blogs. Also, you’ll hear about the radical Occupiers who threatened to blow up a bridge in Cleveland, Ohio, and why Michele Obama, incredulously, considers obesity the greatest security threat facing the nation.

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