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Get Ready For Ebolacare

“Several people in New York and Ohio are being tested for the Ebola Virus,” Jodi Miller reports. “So President Obama is about to announce the rollout of his latest program–Ebolacare. Miller also highlights Nancy Pelosi, U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, Russian bombers and Joe Biden in this edition of NewsBusted.

Obama’s Pipeline Dream

Jodi Miller reports that President Obama once again delayed his decision on the Keystone Pipeline. “He promises to finally make a decision as soon as the Cubs win the World Series.” Join Miller on this edition of NewsBusted as she also features the IRS Scandal, White House Easter Egg Roll, Nancy Pelosi, Jay Carney and Grandma Hillary.

Obama Disappointing All Parties

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has referred to President Obama as non-partisan. “She has a point,” says Jodi Miller. “Lately, the president has been disappointing people in all political parties.” This week’s edition of NewsBusted also features Obamacare, Dennis Kucinich, Aaron Alexis and NASA.

The Liberal Whisperer

Joe Dan Gorman, synchronized hot tubbing champion, surveys the current political scene and finds both parties wanting. He believes the Democrats have turned into goosestepping European Socialists, while the Republicans are going along to get along. Hear his latest salvos in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

The President’s Demotion

Liberals used to hold up President Obama as a new messiah. Now, comedian Chris Rock says we should all view POTUS as “our dad.” What’s with the demotion? Ben Crystal broaches the question in this edition of The Great Eight. An incident involving Obama getting his creep on with Nancy Pelosi also leads Crystal to¬†wonder why Democrats are so hung up on kids.

Obama’s Hawaii Stash Fund

Let’s get started. The new tax increases in the fiscal cliff deal are expected to generate about 60 billion dollars next year. “Or, as President Obama put it, two more weeks in Hawaii,” Jodi Miller reveals. She also addresses John Boehner’s re-election as House Majority leader and Nancy Pelosi’s photoshopping scandal in this edition of NewsBusted.

Hand Over the Gavel, Nancy

Republicans cheer as Nancy Pelosi vows to keep her post as leader of the minority party in the House. Meanwhile, Bono “plugs in” with Joe Biden, while Cher tunes out Macy’s. All this, plus an Ohio congresswoman hanging on tight to her panties, in this edition of The Great Eight with Ben Crystal.

To Infinity and Beyond

This just in…Nancy Pelosi says Congress ought to give President Obama the power to raise the debt level to infinity. “Here’s a news flash, Nancy, Obama’s already doing it anyway.” says Jodi Miller. Also hear her address United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, the NBA and Michigan’s debate over whether to dissolve the city of Detroit in this edition of NewsBusted.

The Botox Amendment

Nancy Pelosi illustrates her mastery of the Constitution — not! — in this edition of The Week in Blogs. Plus Stephen Green introduces a naked man on a horse, an Alec Baldwin stalker, a Twitter war and a very scary, scary chart. H/T PJTV

Hey, Look on the Bright Side

We would have preferred if voters had elected the straight-shooting and hard-working Mitt Romney as our Commander in Chief yesterday to put Americans back to work and begin to heal the nation’s divisions. But on the flip side, the re-election of President Obama guarantees that Call Me Stormy will remain on the case over the next four years — keeping you entertained, amused and outraged, while serving as a necessary counterbalance to the disgraced and deceitful Lamestream Media as well as the armies of entrenched plutocrats and bureaucrats who place their own crony interests ahead of the country’s long-term well-being.

We lost this skirmish, but by the slimmest of margins — taking more House seats and far more governorships than the Leftist Democrats. We must congratulate them on their victories in the Presidential race and in the Senate, but at the same time redouble our efforts to ensure the next skirmish ends with different results.

One silver lining: The Botox San Francisco freakazoid Nancy Pelosi will most likely be deposed from her post as leader of the House Democrats. And we doubt Obama will be squandering billions of dollars on bogus green energy initiatives fronted by his friends and supporters, or demonizing Appalachia and coal miners quite so stridently. Those are perhaps small victories, but they are victories nevertheless, and we should cherish them, while girding up for the larger battles that loom ahead.

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