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Russia Bans US Punk Rockers

The American punk-rock group The Bloodhound Gang have been scattered with eggs and tomatoes, beaten and banned from performing in Russia after their base player shoved the country’s flag down his trousers during a gig in Ukraine.


Have Car, Will Guitar

Guitar guru Beaver Felton hops into his hot-road to demonstrate his finger exercise techniques.  H/T Found Footage

Beatboxing 101

There’s no need for instruments to make music; you can use the greatest instrument of all, your own body. Members of BEAT NYC teach the basics of beatboxing (think trumpets, bass drums, and everything in between), all while driving around New York City picking up a few friends.

How to Read Music

Like an actor’s script, a sheet of music instructs a musician on what to play (the pitch) and when to play it (the rhythm). Sheet music may look complicated, but once you’ve gotten the hang of a few simple elements like notes, bars and clefs, you’re ready to rock. Tim Hansen hits the instrumental basics you need to read music.

A Flag Stomping Coward

Hear what AlfonZo Rachel thinks of the Lil’ Wayne flag stomping controversy. Did Lil’ Wayne make a mistake, or did he really intend to trample on the stars and stripes? H/T PJTV


Star Trek: The Musical

Star Trek Into Darkness? No. Star Trek into middle school! A musical interlude from Rhett and Link’s The Mythical Show!

British Sex Scandal Widens

Violinist Nigel Kennedy tells how fellow students at the Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey told him they were abused by the musical director, amid claims that teachers had sexual relations with pupils in Great Britain’s five elite music schools. Ciaran Jenkins reports for Channel 4.

The Sounds of Capitalism

UCLA ethnomusicology professor Tim Taylor talks with Kennedy from Reason.TV about the rise of music in radio advertising and the early days of television.¬†Taylor is the author of a book — The Sounds of Capitalism: Advertising, Music and the Conquest of Culture.

From the early days of radio through the rise of television after World War II to the present, music has been used more and more often to sell goods and establish brand identities. And since at least the 1920s, songs originally written for commercials have become popular songs, and songs written for a popular audience have become irrevocably associated with specific brands and products. Today, musicians move flexibly between the music and advertising worlds, while the line between commercial messages and popular music has become increasingly blurred.

The Science of Goosebumps

Why do we get goosebumps in the first place? Do they serve any purpose? H/T AsapSCIENCE

The K-Pop Effect

In South Korea, more youngsters are electing to have plastic surgery so they can look like their K-pop music idols. Dateline reporters from Australia examine this trend.

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