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Fear of Clowns

There are many versions of evil clowns in popular culture, so it’s no wonder that many people are put off or afraid of real life clowns.

Why Do People Kill?

There are a lot of things that are still not fully understood about the species Homo sapiens. What makes us US? What makes us move the way we do, think the way we do, and kill the way we do? Today on SciShow News, Hank Green gives us a little bit of insight into human nature.

Spain’s Grisly Crime Reporting

It was just the next morning after the murder of volleyball star Ingrid Visser when the local Spanish newspaper La Verdad was able to publish an extremely detailed report about the find. So just where did this information come from? “That’s a million euro question that I will never answer”, retorts crime reporter Ricardo Fernandez. The Spanish press and police have a notoriously close relationship. The lawyer of the main suspect claims that his client has already been convicted in the court of public opinion, and that a fair trial is now impossible. In Holland relatives of Visser have been horrified by the intimate revelations about the case. Yet Fernandez remains defiant: “I have to protect my interests. And my interests are to inform society.”

Justice on Trial in Italy

The gruesome murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher shocked the world but has justice been served or has the notorious Italian justice system locked up the wrong person?

“The truth is elusive,” Barbie Nadeau, a Newsweek writer says. “We have no idea whether she’s guilty…we actually don’t know.” Nadeau is one of the Knox supporters who suggest that her ┬átrial was anything but fair. Knox is now appealing her conviction and the prosecution’s case is looking shaky.

Pakistan’s Shameful Killings

They’re called “honor” killings, but there’s nothing honorable about the brutal, point-blank murder of women and children condoned in Pakistan and other predominantly Muslim countries. Jonathan Rugman, foreign affairs correspondent for Channel 4 in Great Britain, reports on one such case. Warning: The content is both shocking and disturbing.

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