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The Fatwa on Croissants

A sharia committee in a rebel-held area of Syria has banned croissants, because the French delicacy allegedly violates Muslim morality and recalls the country’s painful colonial past. The fatwa against the manufacture, sale and consumption of croissants is in effect in rebel-controlled sections of the city Aleppo, where sharia committees had already made wearing tight clothes and makeup a criminal offense for any Muslim woman.

Here Come the Virgo Terrorists

U.S. Rep Jim McDermott, a Washington Democrat, is upset over a government ad about terrorists because it depicts mugshots of 16 genuine terrorists. McDemott expresses outrage that the ad “is not only offensive to Muslims and racial minorities, but it encourages racial and religious profiling.” Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld wonders whether to appease politically correct ninnies like Congressman McDermott, the ad should have created fake bombers from Sweden, or only identified terrorists by their astrological signs.

The Magic Wand Scheme

Vice went to Westchester, New York, to learn about the Amega Wand and people who believe a wave of this stainless-steel tube full of “granulated minerals” has the power to cure aches and pains, make cheap wine taste better, and generally increase the quality of just about every aspect of their lives. Is it a miracle invention or a giant scam? We’ll let you decide.

Robber Gets Chili Reception

A would-be robber experienced chili burn when a fast food restaurant employee in Sydney, Australia, threw hot chili sauce in his face. A drunken Tyrone Holmwood, 24, reportedly became enraged when presented with the bill for his three medium salads. Rather than paying, he chose instead to help himself to the cash register, strike the server, overturn salads and generally go beserk.

Ending the War on Ferrets

Slinky, curious, and intelligent – ferrets have been domesticated for centuries. But in D.C., New York City, Hawaii, and California ferret owners face threats of jail time and fines up to $10,000.

Ferret opponents fret that the 20-inch mammals are likely to launch “vicious unprovoked attacks on humans,” despite a study from California’s own Research Bureau which found that ferrets don’t “pose an unusual risk of bites.” Others worry that escaped pet ferrets could form feral bands in the wild, but the same study found it “improbable that domestic ferrets could establish feral colonies in California.” H/T Reason.TV

Celebrities: Shut Up and Act

Is it time for Hollywood to get back to the business of make believe. Should we let celebrities do what they do best: be fake in a realistic way? Because when celebrities use their fame to influence the real world, the result, more often than not, is an exercise in narcissism. Unfortunately, American culture has devolved to the point where we celebrate narcissists and their pet concerns at the expense of the issues that affect everyday Americans, such as energy prices, deficit and debt. Col. Allen B. West finds celebrity excess at its worse in the debate over gun violence, especially with regards to the Newton, Connecticut, tragedy. H/T PJTV

The Speech That Keeps Giving

Derisive laughter. Cat calls. Bullhorns. Students at Dakota Ridge High School in Littleton, Colo, their families and friends, had to go to extremes to silence a school board member delivering a long-winded graduation speech that appeared as if it would never end.

Moe Moe Moe Moe Moan-nuh!

A ballad to the tune of The Kinks’ “Lola,” satirizing MSNBC commentator Mona Eltahawy’s decision to deface anti-jihadist ad posters placed in the New York subway system by Pamela Geller. Eltahawy apparently objected to the characterization of jihadists as “savages” so she embraced a curious position for a reputed journalist, that of attempting to deny the free speech rights of a political opponent. Then again, she’s affiliated with MSNBC, so her credentials as a journalist are as suspect as any of that network’s moonbat crew. Sample lyrics in this parody:

“Well I left mosque just a week before
And I’d never ever waged a jihad before
But Mona smiled and took me by the hand
And said dear boy I’m gonna make you Sharia man.”

H/T Atlas Shrugs

Sell Your Trash for Obama

First, the Obama campaign came for your birthday presents. Then, they wanted your wedding gifts. Now, they’re scouting yard sales for any old waffle irons or board games, especially Twister, which is a personal favorite of Vice President Joe Biden.

What’s next? Before Nov. 6, look for them to be busting into kids’ piggy banks and shaking down lemonade stands. Republicans should counter with empty chair auctions on eBay.

If Biden gets good at Twister, wonder if he can match Bill and Ted, and get the better of the Grim Reaper?

She’s Back

Remember Thistle Pettersen? She’s the Madison, Wisconsin anarchist and musician who appeared in a popular June 7 Call Me Stormy post called “Denial,” wailing about the election results from the night before, in which Wisconsin voters retained Gov. Scott Walker. Turns out that Pettersen had much more to say than got reported in that initial MacIver News Service video. In the interests of complete and total transparency, we’re now presenting Thistle’s full and unexpurgated comments. Her best quote: “It’s very frustrating to be an anarchist in America.”

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