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Total Eclipse of the Sun

How can the shadow of the tiny moon eclipse the sight of the gargantuan sun? By sheer coincidence, the disc of the sun is 400x larger than the disc of the moon, but it’s 390x farther from Earth — which means that when they align just right, the moon blocks all but the sun’s glowing corona. Andy Cohen details this extraordinary celestial phenomenon (and when it will next occur).

Supermoon Time-Lapse

Time-lapse cameras show a supermoon rising into the sky in Melbourne, Australia. Rob Gillett reports for ITN.

Moon Hoax? Not!

Conspiracy theorists still allege that astronauts never landed on the Moon, that NASA staged the spectacle in a TV studio. But, in reality, video technology was too primitive in the 1960s to orchestrate such an elaborate hoax. Watch and learn. H/T IMAO

The Moon Illusion

“Look how big the moon is!” you’ve shouted before. But as the moon never really changes size, it’s simply your brain playing a trick. Find out what the Moon Illusion is, and why it happens in this edition of AsapSCIENCE.

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