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Solar System Flat-Out Awesome

With all the 3-D space in the great beyond, why is our solar system, other star systems and galaxies flat? “The answer has to do with two things,” says Henry Reich of Minute Physics. “Collisions and the fact that we live in three dimensions.” Reich explains.

Full Moons Better in Winter

Henry Reich of MinutePhysics tells us that the splendor of a full moon is on optimum display in the dead of winter. “The moon is full when it’s on the opposite side of the earth from the sun, its whole face reflecting the light of the sun back at us,” he says. “The winter moon is like a summer sun. It’s up for a long time and takes a high path through the sky.” Listen in as Reich elaborates on why we are so fascinated by the full moon phenomenon.

Are We Growing Apart?

If the Universe is expanding,  are we growing apart along with it? MinutePhysics ponders the imponderable.

Where Is the True North Pole?

Is it in the Arctic Ocean? In Canada? Russia? MinutePhysics circles in on the answers.


How does the Mantis shrimp perform sonoluminescence, an awesome exercise that results in transforming sound into light. MinutePhysics explains.


Measuring the Universe

Just how big is the universe? MinutePhysics presents a quick video that visualizes the vast scope of the universe.

How Big Is the Universe?

It has NO EDGE. And NO CENTER… or does it? MinutePhysics brings us up-to-date on the latest scientific thoughts regarding the physical dimensions and boundaries of the Universe.

How to Become Pope

Now that Pope Benedict XVI has resigned, how will the next Pope be elected? MinutePhysics goes behind the scenes at the Vatican to explain the process.

The Best Science Online

Where can you go online to find out more about science? MinutePhysics recommends several blogs as well as YouTube video channels worth checking out.

It’s Raining: Walk or Run?

If you’re caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella, should you run for cover or continue to walk to your destination? Which alternative will keep you the driest? H/T MinutePhysics

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