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First Things First For Obama

“The Syrian border town of Kobani is about to fall to the Islamic State,” Jodi Miller reports. “The White House says President Obama is aware of the situation and will deal with it between fund-raisers.” In this entertaining edition of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on Michelle Obama, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Mountains, Leon Panetta and Senator Harry Reid.

First Lady Drops Surname

Jodie Miller says, “As the midterm elections draw near, many Democrats are now distancing themselves from President Obama. To give you an idea of how bad it is, First Lady Michelle Obama is now simply going by Michelle.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also features the Ebola virus, NFL, Louisiana Senate race, Nik Wallenda and cosmetic surgery.

The Prez is So Confused

“Polls show that most Americans don’t understand President Obama’s approach to fighting ISIS,” Jodi Miller says. So if you’re confused about the president’s ISIS strategy, don’t worry, so is he.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also features Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, First Lady Michelle Obama, the Senate Armed Forces Committee and Benghazi.

Obama Skipping Tight Races

“President Obama will not be visiting at least four states with tight Senate races during the upcoming campaign season,” says Jodi Miller. “Which means the president will have to restrict his travel to the other 53 states." In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on race relations, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, NBC, CNN, Michelle Obama and Fidel Castro.

I Know Nothing

Obama aides are claiming the president had no knowledge of the extent of NSA surveillance,” says Jodi Miller. “They say he was completely unaware until he read the NSA reports that found he was completely unaware.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also features Michelle Obama, Duck Dynasty, Governor Jerry Brown, Justin Bieber and Howard Stern.

Poor People Thrive Under Dems

Jodi Miller notes that a record 90 million Americans are no longer in the U.S. workforce. “So basically, Democrats love the poor so much, they’re making more of them.” she says. Miller also touches on Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and Edward Snowden in this edition of NewsBusted.

Her White House Prison

AlfonZo Rachel takes issue with First Lady Michelle Obama’s comments about White House life, which she compared to living in a jail. Hear why Zo is so offended on this ZoNation.

Obama Is Doing Squat

AlfonZo Rachel sounds off on the First Lady’s belief that race relations still have a long way to go in this nation. Zo asks what President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have done for the Black community? H/T PJTV

The Taxing of the Green

People like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing the green. But Jodi Miller says liberals wait to celebrate on April 15 when they can indulge their favorite pastime — the taxing of the green. In this edition of NewsBusted, she also addresses Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative, food stamps for pets and Chris Christie’s huge popularity.

Ahead: The Mayan Fiscal Cliff

This just in…Fear is building over the end of the world on December 21. “Or, as it’s also called, the Mayan Fiscal Cliff,” says Jodi Miller. She also opines about Speaker John Boehner, same-sex marriage and Michelle Obama’s Grammy nomination in this edition of NewsBusted.

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