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Bill Clinton Dems Diss Hillary

“According to a new poll, 64 percent of Democrats say they are not excited by Hillary Clinton,” reports Jodi Miller. “These voters are known as Bill Clinton Democrats.” Miller also features Mark Zuckerberg, Great Wall of China, Donald Trump, Mexico, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Kardashians in this edition of NewsBusted.

Mexico City’s Subway Gangs

It’s Saturday morning in a Mexico City subway station, and the members of the Panamiur gang are headed to a party. Their leader, Cidel, is wearing huge sunglasses, a fauxhawk slathered in hair gel, cargo pants, and a T-shirt with a giant 2 and 6 airbrushed across it—a reference to November 26, 2010, the date the Panamiurs were founded. Vice reports.

Fat, Fatter and Fattest

Roughly 70 percent of Mexico’s population is overweight and the country’s childhood obesity has tripled over the last decade. As a result, Mexico has edged the United States and New Zealand as the world’s fattest nation.


Mexico’s Ballsy Female Scribes

Vice went to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to meet the journalists who cover politics and crime for the Diario de Juarez. All of them are women and they have covered more crimes than anyone we can think of. They are also some of the bravest women we’ve ever met. We followed them around the city as they covered political rallies of the ruling party, PAN, and to crime scenes, to try to understand what happened there over the past few years and why the candidates were not fully addressing the most glaring issue in Mexican politics right now.

Mexico’s Narco Cinema

Drug runners. Good cops. Bad cops. Hot women. Even hotter, souped-up trucks. Shane Smith, the founder of Vice, travels South of the Border to introduce Mexico’s Narco cinema. To add a layer of realism to his reporting, Smith plays a walk-on role in a drug- and action-packed movie shot in Tijuana.

Holy Water Hosedown

To keep his young parishioners coming to Mass,  a Catholic priest in northern Mexico uses a water gun to shower them with holy water and wears robes adorned with cartoon superheroes. Genelle Aldred reports for ITN News.

Ugliest Woman Laid to Rest

Mexican circus freak Julia Pastrana was once billed as the world’s ugliest woman. Even after her death, her corpse was put on public display, owing to her hideous appearance — the result of a rare genetic disease she suffered. Now, Pastrana will finally be laid to rest as her body has been returned to her native state of Sinaloa for burial.

Smile of a Clown

A despondent clown gets a pick-me-up, but is he in the mood for love — or revenge? Lila Martinez, founder of the Phenomena Animation Studio in Mexico City, created this short last fall while training as a classical animator at the Vancouver Film School. See more of her work at

Bizarre Sex Cult Busted

Mexican authorities have broken up a sex cult that had cast a wide net from Spain to Argentina, but apparently was based just across the US border in the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo. At the head of the cult: A Spaniard who claimed to be a reincarnation of Christ. But if so, he had forsaken the spirit for the flesh, as he demanded that all of his women followers have sex with him.

Go! Girl! Go!–Cincuenta y Siete

Tongolele in Si, Mi Vida, a musical comedy from Mexico released in 1953. Born as Yolanda Montes, she danced under the stage name “Tongolele,” specializing in exotic Afro-Cubano rhythms considered risque at the time.

Here’s an earlier Tongolele performane from El Rey Del Barrio, 1949.

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