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Drinkable Water on Mars

The Opportunity rover discovered clay minerals on the Martian surface, which points to an ancient, watery past. H/T SourceFed


Colonizing Mars

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, is the world’s leading space entrepreneur. Hear how Musk plans to send millions of people to colonize Mars, as Michelle Fields talks to the tech innovator about the future of space exploration, scientific innovation and doing business in California during a recession. H/T PJTV

Mars Suitable for Life

Mission specialists with NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory announced that they have found, for the first time, evidence of an ancient environment on Mars that could have sustained life. Hank Green tells us the specifics in this special, super-exciting episode of SciShow News.

Mars Colony Plans?

Hank Green of SciShow is all about Mars, and Elon Musk, the Paypal multi-millionaire who founded SpaceX, has some plans for colonizing the Red Planet that have got Hank very excited.

Meanwhile, NASA is throwing cold water on growing speculation about a possible discovery of life — or signs of life — on Mars.

Stepping Stone to Mars

NASA has announced plans to build a Mars base — a space station beyond the dark side of the Moon that would serve as a way station for future astronauts traveling to Mars. H/T SourceFed

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