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Why Weed Makes You Lazy

A lazy stoner. It’s a stereotype for sure, but what’s going on in the brain to make pot smokers that way? D News explains the long-term effects of heavy marijuana use.

High Times in Colorado

John Stossel and Kennedy discuss the ramifications of Colorado’s new law legalizing pot use by residents 21 years and older. The move has left the federal government uneasy and still mounting raids against growers and dispensaries.

High on the Job

Imagine you’re a pot reporter. Pot as in weed, marijuana, bud. What could possibly go wrong when you cover a drug that is legally contentious but widely tolerated? Reporter Michael Montgomery finds out the hard way.

Shots Send Potheads Scattering

Gunfire abruptly ended the nation’s largest 4/20 marijuana celebration on Saturday, as a crowd estimated to be upwards of 80,000 dispersed from a downtown Denver park after the shooting began around 5 pm. Two potheads sustained wounds in the dust-up, which some spectators described as being gang-related. Rapper Lil’ Flip was performing at the time of the incident. Police made no arrests but were on the lookout for one or two suspects.


Steven Crowder goes to Ann Arbor to talk with youngsters, psychologists and authorities about the legalization of marijuana. The college town in  Michigan has some of the most lenient laws on possession anywhere in the country, although that will change now that the state of Colorado is moving toward legalizing pot.

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