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Al-Qaeda’s Forward Base

France’s top defense official claims the terrorist group al-Qaeda stockpiled tons of weapons in Mali and planned to use the Central African country’s north as a base for international attacks.

Al-Qaeda Strategy Revealed

In their haste to flee the French intervention, the Islamist militants who had taken over northern Mali left behind a crucial piece of evidence: A document written by their leader that outlines their plans for conquering the region.

France Deports Jihadist Clerics

Paris is taking steps to deport several radical Muslim clerics. The French government accuses the clerics of promoting radical Islam and inciting young French citizens to commit violence as part of a movement towards ‘global jihad.’ France has become a bigger target since it sent troops to drive Islamic terrorists out of Mali.

Timbuktu Freed from Islamists

French and Malian troops have liberated Timbuktu and driven out Islamists who had imposed strict Sharia laws. But the al-Qaeda-linked extremists left their mark as they retreated in defeat — torching a library that contained irreplaceable manuscripts and relics hundreds of years old. It’s not yet known have many volumes were lost. It’s also unclear where these Arab Spring insurgents will head next to share their enlightened views.

Ground Campaign on in Mali

French and African troops have launched their ground campaign to drive Islamist rebels from the northern quadrant of Mali. Armored convoys have been streaming out from Bamako, the capital of Mali, to support the fight against miltants in the town of Diabaly, in the first major ground operation of the conflict.

Our Ostrich-Like African Policies

Under President Obama’s watch, North Africa has been transformed into a powderkeg. Radical Islamists have made inroads in Mali, and now are coming under airstrikes from France. Al Qaeda-linked terrorists have seized a BP oil complex in Algeria and taken Americans and other foreign nationals as hostages. Civil liberties are eroding in Egypt under a Muslim Brotherhood regime we helped to put into power. US Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Florida Republican and former chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, weighs in on this growing menace that the Administration seemingly wants to sweep under the rug.

France Strikes Mali Insurgents

Al Qaeda-linked militants captured considerable ground this week in the African nation of Mali, forcing the French to launch air strikes to push back the insurgents. The government in Mali has been crippled by two recent coup attempts against incumbent prime ministers. This has created a power vacuum that the al-Qaeda surrogates have sought to exploit.

Mali Islamists Seize Hostages

Three Algerian diplomats held hostage by suspected Islamist militants in Mali have appealed to their government to secure their release. The three men are among seven diplomats seized in April while working at the Algerian consulate in Gao in northern Mali. Gao is part of a swath of territory in northern Mali now under the control of Tuareg-led separatists.

al-Qaeda Finds Refuge in Mali

al-Qaeda has a new refuge… the deserts of Northern Mali. This report captures the food crisis and exodus of half a million people, caused by the Islamist enactment of harsh Sharia Laws in the north of the country. There, al-Qaeda has driven out the struggling national army, seized their weapons and is now fly the al-Qaeda flag. “We’re frightened because there’s no government we can trust to protect us from the armed groups,” says Maulud Ibrahim, a Tuareg refugee.

“When we’ve conquered France, we’ll come to the USA, we’ll come to London and conquer the whole world,” says a military commander from the local al-Qaeda ally, Defenders of the Faith. For Tiebile Drame, the former Foreign Minister, the situation is getting serious. “The rest of the world should not stay just to look at the situation, we should be helped unless they would like to see another Somalia or another Afghanistan.” H/T Journeyman.TV

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