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First Things First For Obama

“The Syrian border town of Kobani is about to fall to the Islamic State,” Jodi Miller reports. “The White House says President Obama is aware of the situation and will deal with it between fund-raisers.” In this entertaining edition of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on Michelle Obama, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Mountains, Leon Panetta and Senator Harry Reid.

LA’s Plastic Bag Ban

What do the people of Los Angeles think about the new plastic ban, and the tax on paper bags? Do they think that these eco-regulations will improve the environment? Find out as AlfonZo Rachel hits the streets and asks the denizens of Los Angeles for their reactions. H/T PJTV

LA’s New Crack Epidemic

Ever walk down a Los Angeles city sidewalk? It may feel like climbing the Himalayas.

Tree roots have uplifted many city sidewalks across the city, turning a quick walk around the neighborhood into a treacherous experience. According to The Los Angeles Times, the city receives about 2,500 claims a year from people who hurt themselves on these cracks. ¬†What’s the city’s solution to this problem? A three-year, $10 million survey of all of the city’s sidewalks.

Residents like Peter Griswold say that price tag is too high. He has come up with a plan of his own that involves photographs, GPS devices, and – most importantly – volunteers. Griswold is confident that his ragtag crew of sidewalk cartographers can find and report trouble spots more quickly – and cheaply – than city workers. H/T Reason TV

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