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Shooting a Hole in Liberal Logic

Liberals¬† are stuck on cultivating a culture of victimization. “We are victims of the evil American empire,” they proclaim. The country is exposed to this caustic rhetoric daily by hustlers from the grievance industry, such as Michael Moore, the Reverend Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Zonation’s Alfonzo Rachel says the propaganda has reached a breaking point, causing many to snap and seek justice through violence. “Of course, liberals believe the answer is more gun control,” Rachel reasons. “Sadly, you liberals think that behavior can be controlled with more bad laws. Yet despite liberals insisting that we need more bad laws, they hate Republicans because we think this is a constitutional republic where we have the rule of law. But it’s the rule of good law, and liberals hate good law.”

Conservative When Convenient

So is a little Communism a good thing? It must be, judging from the number of conservatives who watch and support the mainstream media. Joe Dan Gorman opines in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Time to Manhandle Weiner

Alfonzo Rachel has had it with CNN’s Piers Morgan. He has also had it with Anthony Weiner. Hear why as Zo dissects the minds and logical perversions of American liberalism. H/T PJTV

Liberal Tyrants

Joe Dan Gorman asks what’s worse — the liberal tyrants trying to dismantle American freedoms or the spineless conservatives refusing to stand up to the onslaught? In this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Joe Dan also takes the mainstream media to task, challenging his viewers to name one true conservative that the press hasn’t attacked.


Zimmerman Is Not White

Liberals keep referring to George Zimmerman as white. Some even call him a white Hispanic. Zo asks why libs have such a hard time accepting Zimmerman’s Latino heritage. Could liberal bias against Zimmerman be further proof of pervasive racism? Hear what Zo thinks. H/T PJTV

Defending Traditional Marriage

Zo thinks it is possible to support traditional marriage and still be against the Defense of Marriage Act. Don’t get it? Then tune in and hear why as AlfonZo Rachel defends the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. H/T PJTV

ZOreo?!? Zo Rebuts Liberals

AlfonZo Rachel is taking heat from liberals for being too white. Is it because his show introduction features white people, or because he plays and enjoys rock music? Or is it simply because his critics are racists? Find out. H/T PJTV

Left Soft on Terrorism

Liberals have a difficult time recognizing radical Islam. They have an even harder time uttering these words, or other words like terrorism, jihadism and radical Muslim. The left does not have difficulty blaming Christians for every perceived injustice, so why can’t they blame jihadists for the Boston Marathon attack, the London beheading or Benghazi? Find out why on this ZoNation. H/T PJTV

Stop Drinking the Haterade

AlfonZo Rachel is tired of liberals telling him to stop talking about faith and politics. Why don’t liberals just stop watching his videos? Listen to Zo tell you why liberals are the ones drinking the Haterade on this Zo Nation. H/T PJTV

Don’t Fight Left with Fairness

Col. Allen West has firsthand experience fighting with the left, especially on issues like race. The left has subjected Col. West to horrible libels over the years, but he has resolved to keep fighting for his values. Hear how he does it, and how you can, too. H/T PJTV

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