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Fannie, Freddie On the Skid

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two mammoth, federal-backed entities subsidizing home mortgages, could be on the way out. Lee Doren discusses this possibility and advocates shutting down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to prevent another recession like the 2008 economic collapse tied to delinquent mortgages.




State Dept Buys Facebook Likes

At a time when the government is pleading austerity, the State Department spent $630,000 to buy Facebook “Likes.” Lee Doren expounds on the waste in his latest How the World Works video.

Why the Spying Must Cease

If President Obama isn’t already the worst president in American history, he’s vying for that title with news that he has approved the most massive domestic surveillance program ever mounted against the public. It’s one thing to turn the thumbscrews on terrorists, but quite another proposition to monitor the private and business affairs of essentially every American. Lee Doren asks how can we trust the government to collect such sensitive information after learning how the IRS and other federal agencies have been used covertly and unethically to target the president’s political opponents.

Shipwrecked with the IRS

The IRS spent $60,000 of your tax money on two bizarre training films — a Star Trek parody and another one that lampoons Gilligan’s Island. Pocket change perhaps, but still a shipwreck of an idea from a bloated agency that acts like money grows on palm trees. ┬áLee Doren comments.

Liberals’ License to Kill

Remember all those bedrock moral principles that liberal pundits cited to attack President George W. Bush? Now that Bush is out, and President Obama is in office, these same talking heads are singing a different tune. Lee Doren takes stock of the shifting sands, and asks the $64,000 question: Did these liberals actually hold any principles dear or did they just covet power?


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