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Syrian Tensions Spill Over

Gunfire erupts in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, causing Sunni Muslims to run for their lives. The machine gun shots were fired by Lebanese troops to disperse dozens of Sunni Muslims who were demonstrating in support of a hardline cleric. The military crushed his fighters earlier this week in the worst fighting in Lebanon since the neighboring Syrian conflict broke out.

Could Lebanon Be Next?

As Syria’s civil war claims 93,000 victims,what can be done to stop Syria’s sectarian conflict from spreading Lebanon, to perhaps the most factionally divided country in the world? Channel 4 from Great Britain reports.

Lebanon’s First Civil Union

A historic moment in Lebanon has taken place: the approval of the first ever civil marriage. Nidal Darwish and Kholoud Sukkarieh wanted to marry for more than a year but being from diferent sects of the Muslim faith, had been unable to do so.

Debate Turns Into Duel

Things get a little heated as two journalists debate the Syrian War on Al-Manar, the Hezbollah-affiliated TV network in Lebanon. They begin by trading insults as one describes his counterpart as an Israeli agent. Soon, the contretemps turns physical. It doesn’t really illuminate the issue at hand, but it certainly makes for lively television. H/T MEMRITV

The Mufti Muffs It

Anti-Semitism runs rampant in Islamic circles, but the latest pronouncements by Mohammed Rashid Qabbani, the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, don’t just qualify as bigoted and ignorant. This guy is Looneytunes crazy — an embarrassing representative for his religion. ┬áIn an interview with Al-Manar TV in Lebanon, the Grand Mufti declares the Juice orchestrated 9-11 and also financed the YouTube video The Innocence of Muslims, all in a conspiracy to persecute the world’s downtrodden Muslims. Wonder what’s in the kahvesi this dude’s drinking? H/T MEMRI TV

Hezbollah’s Propaganda War

Hezbollah has built a multimillion dollar theme park celebrating its military victories over Israel. It’s just the latest PR offensive from the Iranian-funded Shia Muslim militia that their followers call the “Party of God.” We head to Lebanon to visit this bizarre tourist site, and learn how this group that started as a rag-tag militia in the 1980s has skillfully used propaganda to transform itself to a military and political force to be reckoned with, and how anti-Hezbollah groups are trying to compete in this war of words. — Vice,

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