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Blame Canada!

The Palestinians have a new national anthem — Blame Canada, brought to you by Latma, Israel’s foremost satirical troupe. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Tell on Me

Latma, Israel’s premiere satirical troupe, pens an ode to President Obama, drawing inspiration from Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me.” This is the kind of lively, topical humor you used to see on “Saturday Night Live,” but that was before NBC and its crony capitalist parent company, General Electric, became arms of the multi-tentacled Democratic Party. ¬†Seek out Latma’s earlier videos including ¬†“We Con the World,” about the Turkish-led Free Gaza Flotilla, and “The Iranian Bomb,” a parody of Tom Jones’ song “Sex Bomb.” H/T Yid with Lid.

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