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Compromise Or More Gridlock?

Fox News’ Campaign Cowboys–anchor Chris Wallace, Republican strategist Karl Rove and Democratic strategist Joe Trippi–debate what the future holds for the country in light of the GOP landslide victory in the Midterm Elections. With the Republicans firmly in control of Congress, will compromise dominate the final two years of the Obama Administration or are we buckled in for more gridlock? Join the Fox News political cowpokes as they address Obamacare, the Keystone XL Pipeline, immigration reform and tax reform.

More of the Same Old…Stuff

President Obama’s inaugural speech Monday makes clear. He won’t be addressing the nation’s unemployment problems or attempting to corral runaway entitlements in his second term. Instead we can expect him to continue to focus on fringe issues that appeal to distinct elements of the Democratic Party’s base — immigration, for instance, and gay marriage. Republican strategist Karl Rove analyzes the President’s speech for the Wall Street Journal.

Rove Holding Out for Victory

This just in…The GOP is already making plans for the 2016 campaign. “However, Karl Rove believes Romney can still win 2012,” says Jodi Miller. She also discusses Black Friday shopping, Susan Rice as a possible Secretary of State nominee and the mid-life crisis for male chimpanzees in this edition of NewsBusted.

Romney Up By 7 in Gallup Poll

Mitt Romney has moved ahead of President Obama by a 52 to 45 percent margin among likely voters in the latest Gallup Poll. Karl Rove says this is a significant threshold, as every candidate who has held this large a lead in mid-October has gone on to win the Presidency.

Meanwhile, signs point to the Obama campaign withdrawing resources from Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and possibly Colorado, ceding those states to Romney. The president is hoping to hold the line by fending off Romney in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire. Read more at Hot Air.

UPDATE: In another indicator of the shifting battlefield, the Romney campaign is now pulling some, but not all of its, staffers out of North Carolina and reassigning them to more competitive states. The GOP campaign also is weighing whether to advertise in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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