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Obamacare’s Golden Nugget

Promises, promises. That was the premise of Obamacare when the Obama Administration pitched it to the American people. But as we all know, things went south in a hurry. Not everyone received healthcare as promised. Service suffered. And premiums skyrocketed. Consumer reporter and political commentator John Stossel says there was one shining nugget in the whole fiasco. “Whatever we think about Obamacare, there is one great thing about it,” Stossel says. “It got Americans to start thinking about how we pay for healthcare.” Stossel and Dr. Tom Joseph, owner of Freedom Orthopedics and Rehab, explain further in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Law Without Government

Private arbitration occurs outside government’s courtroom, but political commentator John Stossel says the Constitutions explicitly states the courts are a job for government. Professional arbitrator and former judge, Alex Ferrer, says that’s generally true, but people have a right to contract whatever they like, as long as it’s legal. Join the debate as Ferrer explains the benefits of private arbitration.

Champions Of Liberty

John Stossel’s weekly program on the Fox Business Channel recently entertained the topic of champions of liberty with the well-rounded panel of Cato Institute’s David Boaz, school-choice advocate Kevin Chavous and the Foundation for Economic Education’s Lawrence Reed. The quartet talks about liberty’s heroes, including choices of their own, in this edition of Learn Liberty.

The Clout Of Junk Science

Organize a bad study with a minimum amount of participants and a tantalizing press release and, voila, you have created a piece of viable junk science. Harvard-based biologist and science journalist John Bohannon explains the phenomenon to John Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen.

A War of Words On Science

There’s no arguing that Republicans and Democrats are at odds on almost every major issue confronting our nation. So it’s a no-brainer how politics drives what is considered bad and good science. The left charges that conservatives ignore good science by denying global warming and passing laws to restrict stem-cell research that could save lives. On the other hand, the right say its the loons on the left who are the deniers with their obsession with over-popultion and their campaigns against vaccines, plastics and artificial sweetners, to name a few. “What’s important for all of us is to separate what a politician says about science and what a politician says about policy, which is the actual job we elect politicians to do,” opines Matt Welch, editor in chief of Reason magazine. Welch joins consumer advocate John Stossel to debate the contentious issue in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Bastardizing Capitalism

The fall of the Soviet Union in the ’80s was a huge black mark for communism and capitalists rejoiced. But progressives still soured on capitalism, suggesting we needed something in between. Enter The Third Way. Consumer reporter John Stossel says that we in fact have a “third way” today, which he describes as capitalism smothered in government. Stossel explains the transformation and what he’s coined the bastardization of capitalism in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Recycling Stupidity

Recyling makes Americans feel good. But many–more specifically the environmentalist crazies–have gone one step farther. Not only do they recycle everything, but make an added effort to produce no trash, or very little of it. Call it the sustainability movement, or more precisely, green tyranny. In this edition of Liberty Pen, consumer reporter John Stossel examines the wisdom of recycling programs and their ramifications.

Green Tyranny Kills Jobs

The tyrannical world of liberal environmentalism, in cahoots with the federal government, is working overtime to push its agenda on the American landscape. They’ve already tossed more than a few monkey wrenches into the Keystone Pipeline Project and are celebrating their success in shutting down Pebble Mine, the second-largest ore deposit of its kind (copper, gold, porphyry, molybdenum) in the world, in southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay region. Consumer reporter John Stossel calls it green tyranny, and it’s killing thousands of jobs. He debates the issues with players on both sides in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Regulation Nation

Regulations, regulations and more regulations. Consumer investigative reporter John Stossel says he tried to open a legal lemonade stand outside his studio office in New York City but failed because of the avalanche of regulations. He said it would have taken at least two months. First, the government required a 15-hour food protection class, followed by an exam and a wait of weeks to get the results. On top of that, you’re required to purchase a government-approved fire extinguisher. “And government keeps adding rules,” Stossel says. “This is why job growth is slow. There are 175,000 pages of regulations on the books today. Few people even understand these rules.” Stossel welcomes University of Virginia law professor Michael Livermore and Manhattan Institute Fellow Jared Meyer to debate the pros and cons of the issue in this edition of Liberty Pen.

The Dynamics of Job Creation

You can always count on politicians on the stump taking credit for hundreds of thousands of jobs created across the nation. This especially true for our Teflon president, who usually takes credit for many things in government and the truth be damned. Fact is, says consumer advocate John Stossel, “I’m sick of these politicians talking about creating jobs. Government can create conditions that foster job growth, if government gets mostly out of the way. But it’s the private sector that actually creates real jobs.” Stossel is joined by the Independent Women’s Forum’s Hadley Heath Manning, Fox News political analyst Juan Williams and economist Stephen Moore to break down the dynamics of job creation on this edition of Liberty Pen.

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