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Feminists’ Real War on Women

Newspaper columnist Naomi Schaffer Riley tells host John Stossel that feminists and their culture of casual sex are responsible for the real war on women. Says Riley, “If feminists were really concerned about women’s happiness, they would think more seriously about the issue of trying to portray casual sex as something we should all embrace and that we all have the same interest in.” Riley and Stossel discuss the issue in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Regulating Regulation

Veteran consumer reporter and investigative journalist John Stossel says most of the regulation put forth by government is practically useless. “Politicians claim more laws are the answer,” says Stossel. “But this cripples our future. Don’t they see the damage regulation causes.” In this edition of Liberty Pen, Stossel sells the notion that reputation and the free market gives us more regulation than bureaucrats deploying government force.

Income Inequality A Farce

A funny thing happened on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor the other day. Libertarian and consumer reporter John Stossell and Factor host Bill O’Reilly actually agreed on another topic eminating from the Obama Administration that will surely become another fake issue: income inequality. Both believe it’s bogus. “What the liberal will never understand, the Democratic Party as well, is that some people just don’t do what is necessary to have the pie that you take out of the oven. Or even have the oven,” O’Reilly says. “They will not or cannot do it.” He was reacting to Stossel’s satirical pie-baking demonstration and the much-used cliche that the rich get the bigger slice of the pie. Says Stossel, “The reporters often say. ‘the rich got richer,’ which they did. That’s a by-product of freedom, there will be a wealth disparity. And the poor got poorer. But that’s a lie. The poor have not gotten poorer. Middle incomes have stagnated, but that leaves out a lot of the good stuff that poor and middle-income people get.”

Free Market Under Attack

Libertarian John Stossel says capitalism and our free market are under attack. His adversaries disagree. Their argument: Left alone, the free market leads to negative consequences such as income inequality and therefore should be regulated. “Politicians keep passing laws to regulate the market, try to fix it, make it more fair,” Stossel says. “Laws like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the $800 billion stimulus, farm bills, the minimum wage and so on.” Stossel debates the free market vs. income inequality with New York Congressman Charlie Rangel and economists Abby McCloskey of the American Enterprise Institute and Victor Clear of Henderson State University.

Fracking Up a Storm

It’s a fact that fracking–the process of pumping chemicals and water into the ground to fracture rock and produce oil and gas–produces fuel that’s cheaper, plentiful and beneficial for everyone on the planet. But the liberal left is waging an all-out assault to ban the drilling technique. Fox News’ John Stossel examines the controversial process and the left’s attempt to ban it permanently in this episode of Liberty Pen.

Legal Parasites

Fox News consumer reporter John Stossel discusses how the lawsuit industry provokes frivolous lawsuits, squashes innovation, drives up costs and makes Americans less safe. The case in point in this report was Blitz USA from Oklahoma, a manufacturer of red gas cans, which was forced to shut down and layoff 117 employees after 50 years in business. Stossel presents both sides of the disaster from the CEO and the attorneys in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Small Business vs. Obamacare

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., and Subway franchisee Loren Goodridge debate whether Obamacare is good for small business. Host John Stossel moderates in this edition of Liberty Pen.

War Without Permission

The Constitution stipulates that if the United States goes to war, it must be decalred by Congress. But the truth is, according to Fox News political commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano, politicians ignore the Constitution and write their own laws. “In 1973, Congress enacted the War Powers Resolution–It’s called a resolution but it’s a federal statute–over President Nixon’s veto,” he says. “It basically says the president can fight any war he wants anywhere he wants in the world for 90 days, he then has to go back to Congress for funds and authorization beyond 90 days.” Napolitano and Fox News colleague John Stossel get into the nuts and bolts of the statute in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Are We Rome Yet?

Steve Forbes (Forbes Media), Professor Carl Richard, Matt Kibbe (FreedomWorks), economist Steve Moore¬† and Grover Norquist (Americans For Tax Reform) join John Stossel to discuss the parallels of America’s current course with that of the Roman empire.

Attack of the Austerions

Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky,  and CATO economist Dan Mitchell join John Stossel to discuss a pipe dream called austerity.

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