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Our Politically Correct Military

Investigative reporter John Stossel says he’s happy with our military keeping us safe from foreign attack and satisfied that we’re–for the most part–at peace in this ever-crazy world. But Stossel points out that it seems that our military is more preoccupied with environmentalism and political correctness. Afghanistan war veteran Aaron MacLean joins Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen to discuss if it’s appropriate for our military to pursue green energy schemes and whether it is the proper venue to conduct experiments on political correctness.

Defending the Frack Attack

Fracking protests from looney progressives have taken left-wing fanaticism to a ridiculous level. Among their refrains are that fracking is causing genetic mutation of our children and that is causes earthquakes. Their solution: fracking bans and more government intervention. Talk about delirious. In an interview with John Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen, Steve Everley of Energy in Depth says, “Look at what the Obama Administration has said about this. EPA has said there is nothing inherently dangerous in fracking that sound engineering principles can’t fix.” He says the oil and gas boom has been great for workers and consumers, and bringing government into the mix is a big mistake.

The Great Weed Debate

The states of Colorado and Washington stunned the nation when citizens voted to legalize marijuana. The move was a bad one, says Kevin Sabet, professor of psychiatry and a former senior advisor for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. He says time will tell whether we’ve replaced a system of minor arrests for possession of weed with a public health tragedy of legalization. Consumer and investigative reporter John Stossel engages Sabet in debate and takes a look at how the legalization of marijuana is working out in Colorado in this edition of LibertyPen.

Talking Drones and Privacy

Consumer journalist and investigative reporter John Stossel ponders a world where drones are mainstream. The tiny flying machines, equipped with a camera, can be bought as cheaply as $1,200, and are a boon to farmers and real-estate agents. But do they pose a serious problem of privacy when in devious hands? Stossel talks with Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul and others about the pending dilemma in this edition of Liberty Pen.

America’s Police State

The scenes are familiar ones. Police forces smashing down doors in early morning raids, single protestors surrounded by an army of cops in full military gear with assault rifles or deputies arresting members of the media just trying to do their jobs. Evidence of a rapidly evolving police state, or business as usual. Investigative journalist John Stossel calls it the militarization of America, which incidently came to the forefront at full throttle with the recent shooting of a young man in Ferguson, Missouri. Stossel delves deeper into the crisis along with Cheryl K. Chumley, author of Police State U.S.A. in this edition of LibertyPen.

Buried in Litigation

“Everything lawyers do takes too long” is consumer reporter John Stossel’s postscript to his personal opinion of the legal system in America. “We need law and lawyers to keep the peace,” he says. “But you should avoid using them.” Tune in to this edition of Liberty Pen as Stossel explains how the only benefactors in our legal system are lawyers.

Media Blabbermouths

Consumer reporter and Fox News contributor John Stossel says, “Sometimes media people say things that are so bizarre that if you didn’t see it or hear it you wouldn’t believe that someone actually said that.” Stossel joins Fox Business News contributors Charles Payne, Kate Rogers and moderator Kennedy in an episode of “Real or Fake.” Here’s a teaser: Hurricane Sandy killed more than 100 people, but a TV host allegedly said, “I’m so glad we had that storm. It brought in possibilities for good politics.” Was this an actual quote, or is it fake? Find out in the edition of LibertyPen.

Immigration Frustration

Conservative commentator Lou Dobbs is notorious for his aggressive approach to our increasingly massive immigration and deportation issues. Libertarian John Stossel is a bit more lenient. A few years back, while working for separate networks, Dobbs and Stossel were well-known adversaries, occasionally bashing each other live on-air. Ironically, both are colleagues at Fox News today and united in this edition of LibertyPen for a stirring debate on immigration.

A Matter of Personal Freedom

Indeed, there are many important issues that conservatives and Libertarians agree on. But don’t be fooled. There are others where they passionately disagree, such as the war on drugs and gambling. Libertarian John Stossel debates former U.S. Rep. Allen West and Alex McFarland of the American Family Association on both of these issues in this edition of LibertyPen.


The Sky is Not Falling

Let’s face it, Americans love bad news. Whether scare warnings or disasters, it doesn’t matter, we soak it all up. Author Matt Ridley, who authored the recently released Rational Optimist, says there’s plenty to be positive about. “Back in the 1970s the future was bleak,” he says. “The population explosion was unstoppable, famine was inevitable, pesticides were going to shorten our lives,bird flu was going to kill us, the Ice Age was coming back, acid rain was killing forests. All these things were going to go wrong. So I was kind of surprised when I grew up that actually things have been getting better, much better.” In this edition of LibertyPen, host John Stossel continues his discussion with Ridley and Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Robert Bryce over this Chicken Little mentality.

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