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Regulation Nation

Regulations, regulations and more regulations. Consumer investigative reporter John Stossel says he tried to open a legal lemonade stand outside his studio office in New York City but failed because of the avalanche of regulations. He said it would have taken at least two months. First, the government required a 15-hour food protection class, followed by an exam and a wait of weeks to get the results. On top of that, you’re required to purchase a government-approved fire extinguisher. “And government keeps adding rules,” Stossel says. “This is why job growth is slow. There are 175,000 pages of regulations on the books today. Few people even understand these rules.” Stossel welcomes University of Virginia law professor Michael Livermore and Manhattan Institute Fellow Jared Meyer to debate the pros and cons of the issue in this edition of Liberty Pen.

The Dynamics of Job Creation

You can always count on politicians on the stump taking credit for hundreds of thousands of jobs created across the nation. This especially true for our Teflon president, who usually takes credit for many things in government and the truth be damned. Fact is, says consumer advocate John Stossel, “I’m sick of these politicians talking about creating jobs. Government can create conditions that foster job growth, if government gets mostly out of the way. But it’s the private sector that actually creates real jobs.” Stossel is joined by the Independent Women’s Forum’s Hadley Heath Manning, Fox News political analyst Juan Williams and economist Stephen Moore to break down the dynamics of job creation on this edition of Liberty Pen.

The Internet Dilemma

Will the Internet be a victim of Net neutrality and massive government intervention, or should we continue to argue against regulation. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai has jumped on the bandwagon against Internet neutrality and vehemently opposes regulation. “First and foremost, there is no problem with the Internet,” Pai says. “The Internet isn’t broken today as most of us who rely on it know. Secondly, decisions on how the Internet works are now going to be made by bureaucrats and politicians instead of by engineers and innovators. And third, and most importantly to me, this is going to be a bad deal for the American consumer.” Listen to the rest of Pai’s argument as he engages John Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Good Intentions Gone Awry

It’s well documented that American blacks have received their share of upheaval, none of them more disparaging than slavery. So is the answer more government aid? Manhattan Institute senior fellow Jason Riley says no. His new book, Please Stop Helping Us, spells out how well-intended government programs have damaged blacks. Riley explains further in an interview with John Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen.

The Myth of Cool Commies

Che Guevera, a major figure in the Cuban Revolution of the late 1950s, advocated banning the free press and anything capitalist as he aided Fidel Castro ascend to power in the now communist state. He later admitted to executing many Cubans by firing squad, not knowing if they were fully guilty. Yet Guevara continues to be venerated by progressives. Michael Moynihan, of The Daily Beast, joins Liberty Pen’s John Stossel to discuss the myths that continue to romanticize Guevara and communism.

Pros, Cons Of Buying American

In a recent poll, Americans voiced their preference for American-made products by a wide margin. Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, contends that buying American will absolutely put Americans to work. But David Boudreaux, an economist at George Mason University, disagrees. He says the whole concept is stupid. Paul and Boudreaux join consumer reporter John Stossel to discuss the wisdom of buying American in this heated edition of Liberty Pen.

Koch Brothers Despised by Left

Billionaires David and Charles Koch, more commonly known as the Koch Brothers, have spent millions of dollars supporting Republican campaigns, drawing the ire of the progressive left. But consumer and investigative reporter John Stossel sees their spending and philanthropic efforts as a good thing for the nation. “I like both of them. I think they’re doing something wonderful,” Stossel says. He went on to point out that the Kochs have created real wealth creation and jobs, and both preach free market. Jim Dean, brother of former presidential candidate John Dean, has a different take on the Kochs and debates Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Capitalism the Best Path

Consumer reporter and political pundit John Stossel takes on the decades old matchup: Capitalism versus Communism. But is there a third way? Something, maybe, like capitalism with a large infusion of government. Stossel says too much government intervention will never work. “People can’t prosper where there are so many rules,” he reasons. “Politicians say these rules make life fairer, but years of consumer reporting taught me that life is fairest when people are free to make our own decisions.” Check on the rest of Stossel’s analysis on this edition of Liberty Pen.

Parasites Infiltrate Economy

The CATO Institute’s David Boaz in a chapter of his new book says society is made poor by various parasites who enrich themselves by manipulating government. The chapter is “The Parasite Economy” and the book is titled The Libertarian Mind. Boaz tells John Stossel that these parasites are no longer interested in pleasing their customers but in using government to force people to give them money. Boaz elaborates in this edition of Liberty Pen on PJTV.

Bailouts For Billionaires

Six years ago when America’s banks proclaimed that everyone should have a mortgage, some think they had good intentions. But as history tells us, the housing bubble burst, sending these financial institutions reeling and extending their proverbial hand in search for a government bailout. Is this the right path for our governemnt? Join consumer advocate John Stossel and Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff for some answers as they discuss bailouts and subsidies for the financially well-connected in this edition of Liberty Pen.

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