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A King-Size IRS Mess in D.C.

Joe Dan Gorman is seething. And he’s directing his rage at the Internal Revenue Service. Talk about spending your children’s future today. The IRS has wasted away nearly $50 million in conferences and parties over a two-year period, and tossed away more of our cash on in-house video-production parodies of Star Trek and Gilligan’s Island. Mix in a couple of scandals and you have a king-size mess in Washington. “With all these scandals, they’re still paying out $62 million in bonuses,” Gorman says. “No accountability, it’s a joke. They’re a rogue organization.”  In this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Gorman also touches on President’s Obama’s meeting with the Pope, Michelle Obama’s trip to China and unrigging the vote.

Change You Can Step In

The Liberal Philosophy: If you have it, they want it; if you do it, they want to control it; and if they don’t get their way, they’ll whine like children. In this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Joe Dan Gorman takes liberals to task. “Unlike you liberal fruitbats, we don’t need to sit around waiting for marching orders. Our beliefs don’t change. Now liberal beliefs, ya’ll change like the seasons … You can call us what you want to call us, it don’t matter–conservatives, libertarian, Tea Party. Definitions change and labels change and technology changes, but our core beliefs do not change.”

Getting Back to Reality

Take a look at the state of affairs in America, and it doesn’t look pretty. Liberals are adamantly fighting a war on global warming that doesn’t exist, innocent citizens in Ukraine and Venezuela are being brutalized by their governments while the United States remains idle, the Obama Administration has its sights on our newsrooms and our media in general are blind to the world. It’s official. We’ve gone to hell in one large handbasket. Says Joe Dan Gorman in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, “Democrat voters and Obama supporters, have you lost your ability to engage in critical thinking. Have you no grasp of history? If you don’t stand against this massive government beast now, you are a fool.”

Capitalism … It Works

As the country continues to drift into the abyss of liberal irresponsibility under Prince Curtain Rod, aka President Obama, political pundit Joe Dan Gorman continues to espouse the conservative path. “As conservatives, we don’t believe in the principles of capitalism, limited government and strong defense because it sounds good. We believe it because it works. We believe it, because that’s what our country is built on,” says Gorman in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Rebranding Communism

The runaway liberal locomotive continues its wreckless journey across our great land with no end in sight. Runaway spending, record deficits, and government scandal after scandal after scandal. And now, Captain Destructo, aka President Obama, has declared a war on income inequality. “This is straight-up communism. This is right out of Karl Marx’s handbook: ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,’” says Joe Dan Gorman. “Income inequality. You can’t even deny that that’s communism.” In  this episode of Intellectual Froglegs, Gorman explains the role the 2014 election later this year will play in halting the liberal agenda.

A Climate of Deceit

Joe Dan Gorman takes on the scam that is global warming head-on in this heated edition of Intellectual Froglegs. While the screwballs that are the far left continue to preach doomsday for our planet because of what they insist are the unprecedented rise in greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, they completely ignore scientific data to the contrary. But disagree with these lunatics and you’re labled a climate denier. Says Gorman, “There’s nobody denying the climate. We’re denying your manipulated science, we’re denying your fabricated solutions and we’re denying your manufactured problems.”

Stay the Course

Joe Dan Gorman has served notice in his final Intellectual Froglegs video blog of 2013: He isn’t letting up on the corrupt, elite, mainstream media nor the radical lefties in 2014. In this 2013 finale, Gorman touches on how the media is pushing the gay agenda, Phil Robertson, intelligent design, Christian moral values and a bunch of common sense. Tune in as Joe Dan paves a conservative path into the new year.

Bedlam in D.C.

Despite all the failures connected to the Obamacare rollout, Joe Dan Gorman says Democrats in D.C. are hellbent on forcing the law on the American public. “They’re like monkeys trying to shove square pegs in round holes.” Tune in to this edition of “Intellectual Froglegs,” as Gorman rails on Obama’s failed presidency.

Barackalypse is Upon Us

Lying has become a way of life with liberals and the Democrat Party, says Joe Dan Gorman. “I bet they can’t pass a polygraph,” Gorman says. “But you see, they get these NBC interviewers and they play the Jedi trick. That’s how they get viewers. They act like they’re going to ask tough questions, and they almost do. And just when it looks like they’ve asked a tough question, they sit back and let these Marxists of Mayhem ramble on about absolute nonsense.” In this edition of “Intellectual Froglegs,” Gorman also touches on the far left’s attack on Christianity and the enforcement of the nuclear option–doing away with the filibuster–by Democrats in the U.S. Sentate.

Obama’s Lie of the Century

“What do you do when you get caught with the lie of the century? Well, you lie about it,” says Joe Dan Gorman of “Intellectual Froglegs. It’s the consummate question of Obama following a landslide of lies to the American people in an attempt to cover up his Obamacare debacle. Says Gorman of our 44th president whom he affectionately refers to as King Barry (Barry being his childhood name), “Lies are to Obama, what scales are to a fish,what leaves are to trees, what hair-plugs are to Joe Biden.” It’s a trait inherent in the politics of today’s liberal left, according to Gorman. “The lunacy of the left, the intentional deceit of the left and the wild hypocrisy of the left, that’s not hard to do. What’s hard to do is to beat them. And we better focus. We’re a year away from the next big election.”

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