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Betrayed By the GOP

Joe Dan Gorman admits he was one of the cheerleaders when Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell and Republicans won the Senate in a landslide, giving the GOP control of Congress. But ohhh what a letdown it’s been for Gorman and conservatives. “Our Republican Party, they’re not just allowing the Democrats to steamroll our Bill of Rights, they’re helping them,” Gorman says. “We’re sick of being lied to, but now, we’re scared for our children.” Join Gorman as he explains further in this enlightening edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

The Plight Of the GOP

Zeroing in on the 2016 presidential election, political commentator Joe Dan Gorman asks, “Is it the end, or is it a reawakening?” Gorman says this could be the last go-round–at least for a long while–for Republicans to get their act together and right America’s ship. Meanwhile, pundits are intent on blaming GOP in-fighting and discord on presidential candidate Donald Trump and company. Gorman strongly disagrees. “You know what? The GOP is already destroying the GOP. They don’t need our help,” he says. Tune in as Gorman elaborates and also opines on Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, and the Planned Parenthood fiasco in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Stop Feeding the Rinos

Joe Dan Gorman resumes his attack on radical liberalism in the first installment of “Frogleg Minute,” a spinoff of Intellectual Froglegs. Gorman, aka the Unicorn Whisperer, says the intensely biased media must stop attacking Donald Trump, but begin emulating what he’s doing right. “The dude is standing up to a bully media. And not only is he standing up, he’s pushing back,” Gorman says. “People love him, ‘but he’s insensitive!’ Who gives a crap! He’s right.” Gorman also tees off on the recent revelation on secret side deals to the Iran nuke deal, and predicts the whole issue may well be the spark of World War III.

GOP Cowtowing to Obama

Joe Dan Gorman says he let out a sigh of relief when the GOP captured the Senate last year en route to controlling both houses of Congress, but the feeling was premature. “The Republican leadership is worthless,” Gorman says. “I thought they’d at least slow down Obama, but they’re not even trying. They should be up in his grille telling him, ‘sit down and shut up.’ The Congress does have the power, they just don’t have the balls.” Gorman also opines on the Planned Parenthood fiasco, the looming presidential debates, the American hostages in Iran and the ridiculously, left-wing media in this provacative edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Regulated Freedom

President Destruct-O just keeps on rolling and that doesn’t sit well with Joe Dan Gorman. “We are witnessing government at its absolute abusive worst,” he says. “You know what they say: ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’ and we are witnessing it. This has become a government of power and force, certainly not of and by the people.” In the following edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Gorman elaborates as he takes aim at gay marriage, racism and the Confederate flag and Bru.., er, Caitlyn Jenner and the liberal-loving media.

Pope Takes a Left Turn

Pope Francis is truly in his element when preaching to his flock on matters of the church. But when his discourse takes a left turn, his message loses its edge. “Ya’ll’s Pope has done lost his way, or he’s lost his mind or a combination,” says Joe Dan Gorman. “Does he even use the Bible anymore? He’s strayed so far from his area of expertise, he seems like the head of the Democrat Party.” Gorman also ventures into race relations, gun control, climate change and President Obama’s dismal six-year record in this tantalizing edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Prez Stuck On Climate Change

While floods were ravaging Oklahoma and Texas last month, President Obama, aka Captain Destruct-O, was back on his climate change soapbox between rounds of golf. Strong evidence says the climate change discourse is theoretical, and political commentator Joe Dan Gorman can’t take it anymore. “We even busted the scientists who got their e-mails where they admit to manipulating the data,” Gorman says. “We’ve proven them wrong … it means nothing; they keep going. This is a ridiculously well-funded global push for all this climate change nonsense.” Gorman also takes on religious freedom, liberal control of the media, American exceptionalism and the threat to free speech in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Defending the Constitution

Joe Dan Gorman puts his muscle behind the first and second amendments, calling out the radical Muslims who made the mistake of interrupting the Draw Muhammad/Free Speech Event in Garland, Texas, recently. “The one thing they definitely learned was that Texas ain’t France,” Gorman says. “In Texas, we shoot back. The Garland attack is a reminder of why we have both a first and second amendment. The Muslims went there to challenge our first amendment and they were greeted by the second amendment.” Check out this edition of Intellectual Froglegs as Gorman opines on a variety of issues.

Conservatism is Common Sense

Joe Dan Gorman says a recent Gallup Poll reveals that Americans prefer a gun in the house by a 63-30 percent margin because it’s safer. “See, we’re not a liberal country, we are a conservative country,” Joe Dan says. “And conservative means common sense basically. It’s just that these liberals are the loud-mouths and they have most of the microphones. They control the media, they control entertainment and, worst of all, now they control academia.” Gorman also opines on the Clinton atrocities, climate change and the debate of creationism vs. evolution in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Looney Liberals Not the Answer

Joe Dan Gorman takes aim at the supposed Obama economic recovery and looney liberals in general. When compared on a graph chart, the economic recoveries of the early 1980s and mid-2000s display radically different outcomes. The Reagan recovery data shot upward from the beginning, producing a tidal wave of growth, while Obama’s spiraled downward and continues on that path. “It’s only called a recovery because Obama calls it a recovery,” Gorman says. In this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Gorman also zeroes in on the disasterous effects of liberal government across the country, the GOP presidential field, media witch hunts and political correctness, among other issues.

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