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Schindler’s List on E-Bay

The story of Oskar Schindler and the Jews he saved during World War II has spawned a world renowned, Oscar-winning film and prize-winning novel. Now the last known original copy of Schindler’s list, as its now known, is set to be put up for auction on eBay with a reserve price of  3 million dollars.

The Last Generation

Zabno, a small town in southern Poland, was a haven for Jewish families until WWII broke out. In this report, we hear the disturbing stories of people who experienced Nazi cruelty first hand and see just how fresh the wounds left by the Final Solution still are.

Although many Jewish people from Zabno were transported to concentration camps such as Belzec, this moving film focuses on those who were left behind — murdered in their own gardens and buried in unmarked graves, and the lucky few that managed to escape. But were they really lucky? Through startling and frank accounts of their experiences, a small group of surviving women recount how they suffered terrible beatings at German hands and watched with horror as their families were taken away to their deaths. H/T Journeyman Pictures

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