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The Clapper Strikes Again

CBS News has reported that the Director of National Intelligence’s office — headed by Obama appointee James Clapper — made the decision to scrub any references to “Al Qaeda” or “terrorism” from the Administration’s talking points regarding the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Apparently, the CIA had confirmed the attack was an act of terrorism but also subsequently acquiesced to the DNI’s watered-down account meant for mass consumption. As the Ace of Spades blog observed,  “The White House wanted the terrorism angle all but written out of the report, and Clapper was the man who did the editing, and then the CIA, to its great dishonor, signed off on this lie.”

Yes, every Administration needs a Clapper. Plug it in, clap twice, and behold how quickly you can turn out the lights, and hide any semblance of truth from the public.


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