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Iran’s Spy Inside Israel

A member of a fringe ultra-Orthodox Jewish group has been charged with trying to betray Israel to Iran. The suspect was accused of traveling to Berlin in 2011 and offered to act as a spy against his country to Iranian embassy officials. Court documents describe him as a male Israeli citizen in his 40s and a member of the radical Neturei Karta faction, which believes a Jewish state should exist only after the Messiah comes.

Europe’s Problem with Israel

Why do so many in Europe feel so much hostility to the most open and liberal democracy in the Middle East? Daniel Gordis, president of the Shalem Center, zeroes in on the source of the problem in this fascinating look at the complex relationship between Europe, Israel and the Arab World.


Antiracist Hitler

Hitler’s back, and now he’s pushing multiculturalism in Israel, or perhaps he’s just peddling the same old stuff in a different guise. H/T Moonbattery



Fireball Over Damascus

Syrian state television has reported that a series of heavy explosions in the capital were caused by Israeli rocket strikes. SANA reports that the blasts early Sunday morning targeted a military research center on the outskirts of the capital. The research center in Jamraya was the target of an earlier Israeli strike in January.

India Seeks Sparkling Future

India is the world’s biggest processor of diamonds, polishing and cutting nearly 11 out of every 12 diamonds sold. But now the subcontinent wants to become a trading hub for rough diamonds as well, and in the process cut diamond-trading centers like Tel Aviv and Antwerp out of the business.

Israel Gears Up for Hackers

Israel is busy changing passwords, increasing bandwidth and strengthening computer firewalls in preparation for an assault by the cabal of hackers who call themselves Anonymous. The collective has announced it will target Israeli websites, not only those of the government and military but also banking and commercial interests.

One wonders: Does Anonymous hide behind the cloak of secrecy because the hackers fear reprisals, or because it’s a front group performing dirty tricks for some sovereign nation? If it later turns out these hackers are stooges for Vladimir Putin, no one should be surprised or shocked.

Obama’s Passover Plans

The Jewish holiday of Passover is now underway and the Obama White House has planned some Passover events. “Mainly, where they pass over any plans to support Israel,” says Jodi Miller. She also discusses the tightened Air Force security over its drone strike program and rising tensions with North Korea in this edition of NewsBusted.

Between Bears

Eran Hilleli’s short animation can be interpreted a few different ways, but certainly serves as a haunting study of nature adrift in modern times. The piece is not only highly original, but also visually captivating, its moody edginess enhanced by the original score composed specifically for the film by Ori Avni, and performed by Avi along with Daniela Spector. This work seems to embody the wisdom of the ages, making it all the more remarkable as it’s Hilleli’s graduation thesis from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. H/T Kuriositas

Locust Plague in the Sinai

A new swarm of locusts has invaded southern Israel from the Sinai Peninsula. One of the ten Biblical plagues, the locusts have arrived just before the start of the Passover holiday.

Out of Nowhere

An old lifeguard is completely dedicated to his task of watching over a swimming pool. Except the pool’s in the middle of nowhere, doesn’t attract any visitors and doesn’t even contain any water. So he sits and watches, and occasionally flexes, while drifting off into oblivion. All that changes when an unexpected visitor pays a call.

Love the long shadows, eerie shapes and washed-out colors in this animated short from Israel, created by Maayan Tzuriel and Isca Mayo, students at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. H/T Kuriositas



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