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What Is Verbal Irony?

At face value, the lines between verbal irony, sarcasm, and compliments can be blurry. After all, the phrase ‘That looks nice’ could be all three depending on the circumstances. In the final of a three part series on irony, Christopher Warner gets into the irony you may use most often and most casually: verbal irony.

That’s Dramatic Irony

What do comedies and horror movies share in common? Both typically make use of dramatic irony. This involves the audience being in on a secret that the characters don’t know or see. H/T TEDEducation

Irony By Any Other Name

Leaps and bounds separate that which is ironic and that which many people simply say is ironic. Christopher Warner wants to set the record straight: Something is ironic if and only if it is the exact opposite of what you would expect. H/T TEDed

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