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Hard Drive Hanky-Panky

Jodi Miller reports, “President Obama has always been supportive of U.S. troops … and, oh I’m sorry, the punch line for that joke was stored on Lois Lerner’s hard drive.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on the Washington Redskins, Valerie Jarrett, IRS and Iraq.

O.J. Pissed At Obama

“According to the National Enquirer, O.J. Simpson is furious with President Obama for denying his request for a pardon,” Jodi Miller reports. “Legal experts say, Simpson’s best chance for being set free by Obama is to join the Taliban.” Also featured in this edition of NewsBusted are Hillary Clinton, Iraq, Mosul and IRS e-mails.

A Few Thousand More Words

CNN’s Reliable Sources guest host John Avlon aired excerpts of a never-before-seen interview he and his wife conducted of now-deceased journalist Michael Hastings and his wife Elise Jordan last summer, in which Hastings spoke candidly about his career-making piece on General Stanley McChrystal, and the loss of his girlfriend in the Iraq War.

Hastings was killed in a car crash in Los Angeles last month, an event that has spawned numerous conspiracy theories. The interview was aired for the first time Sunday afternoon, with Jordan’s permission.

Iraq Busts Terror Cell

Iraq’s Defense Ministry has busted up an alleged al-Qaeda cell that was attempting to produce chemical weapons. Reporters in Baghdad were shown four of the alleged suspects, who were hooded, and a table displaying beakers and jars said to contain chemicals used in the manufacture of sarin and mustard gas.

Kurds Better Off Now

As the world discusses the legacy of the Iraq war on the 10-year anniversary of the US-led invasion, one group that appears to have clearly benefited from the conflict is Iraq’s Kurdish minority.

Iraqi Marshlands Restored

Drained by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the 1990s, Iraq’s southern marshlands are undergoing a remarkable transformation. Saddam’s attempt to destroy the wetlands came in response to an uprising by Marsh Arabs after the Iran-Iraq war. But since his capture and execution, Saddam’s act of revenge has been turned back and the marshes are slowly regaining their health. Elly Park from Reuters has more.

Growing Sunni Unrest in Iraq

Iraq’s Sunni minority, who controlled the country before the US invasion, are once again flexing their muscles seeking a greater share of political power. Gunfire has wounded at least two people at a demonstration in Iraq’s Sunni-dominated western province of Anbar. Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq traveled to the region in an attempt to defuse sectarian tensions.

Gays Face Witch Hunt in Iraq

Gays, called “puppies,” are coming under increasing attack in Iraq — gang-raped by policemen at checkpoints, hunted down by militiamen and, in the worst cases, murdered in “honor killings” by their own families or by shadowy vigilantes. A BBC investigation has found that law enforcement agencies are complicit in the systematic and organized violence against gays, which the country’s Western-backed government refuses to acknowledge. In an ironic twist, gays speak fondly of Saddam Hussein, saying they enjoyed more freedom and tolerance under his despotic regime than they do nowadays. H/T theifilestv

Diyala’s Dark Days

A local police chief in Iraq’s Diyala Province claims his officers have wiped out every vestige of al-Qaeda, but a journalist finds evidence that the insurgents are once again ramping up their operations. Not only have there been new incidents of suicide bombings, but also discoveries of hidden weapons caches on farms and in orchards.

One family was recently taken into custody as possible suspects, apparently with good reason. “She kept pushing me to wear explosive belts. ‘Wear the belt. You are a coward, you are a disgrace,'” the son tells the police. His mother weeps as she insists that she was coerced by al-Qaeda to give her sons up as suicide bombers. Another parent of an al-Qaeda murder victim paints a grim scenario. “They sent us a threat…leave or your destiny will be slaughter.”

See the full report filed by Fouad Hady for SBS Dateline in Australia. Hady originally left Baghdad to seek asylum in Australia, but now he’s returned to Iraq for a series of groundbreaking investigative accounts on his homeland. H/T Journeyman Pictures

Lady Warriors of Kurdistan

From Boudica of the British Celts to Corporal Klinger, few things unsettle the male mind like a lady in arms. The Kurds of Northern Iraq have long recognized this principle and incorporated it into their quest to build a Kurdish homeland in the overlap between Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. Fighting alongside their male comrades in a region not exactly known for its progressive stance on women’s rights, the female Peshmerga guerillas of the Kurdish Liberation Movement built a reputation for themselves in the 70s and 80s as demure diaboliques with the deadly poise of Leila Khaled or Tania-era Patty Hearst.

Having secured the northern third of Iraq in the aftermath of the first Gulf War, the Kurds have spent the last two decades divesting themselves of their guerilla jamjams, building up a stable and booming economy in their semi-autonomous little hamlet, and generally enjoying not being in the middle of the current Iraq War. Up in the hills abutting Iran and Turkey, however, the struggle for a Greater Kurdistan continues for boy and girl alike — Thomas Morton, Vice News

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