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How Low Will Gold Go?

As gold prices continue to crash, the question on everyone’s mind is “Will they go lower?” and if so, how much lower? RBC’s George Gero is here to tell us why he believes gold prices could definitely continue to drop lower.

France: “The Real Sick Man”

We’ve heard plenty about the economic woes facing Greece and Spain. But Wilbur Ross says France might be “the real sick man” of Europe, whose problems could be much more substantial long-term than either Greece or Spain. Ross is the CEO of W.L. Ross & Company, an investment banking and private equity firm. He believes France will be crippled by its high tax rates, coupled with regressive government policies thwarting private growth.

Hedge Funds Get a Bum Rap

“Although I’m hopeful about the individual, I’m very fearful about the direction that, politically, this country is going,” says Capitalist Pig Hedge Fund Manager Jonathan Hoenig. He┬ásat down with Reason.TV’s Tracy Oppenheimer to discuss why hedge funds are a boon for the economy even though they get a bum rap, and why he thinks Ayn Rand’s ideas are crucial for a cultural and economic upswing.

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