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A White House Curveball

Jodi Miller reports that, “National Intelligence Director James Clapper said that 2014 was the deadliest year for global terrorists, while John Kerry said we’re safer than ever. Asked if the administration is sending mixed messages, a White House said, ‘Yes and no.'” Miller throws us for a loop with additional reports on the FCC and the Internet, Al Sharpton, Jihad John, President Obama, Eric Holder and Joe Biden in this edition of NewsBusted.

Wild West of the Internet

Twitter Head of Trust and Safety Del Harvey tells Great Britain’s Channel 4 News that “there is a perception that Twitter is the Wild West.” “It’s a balance between making it really easy to report content but also preventing others from trying to silence people.”

China’s Cyber Warriors

Patriotic Chinese youths are starting to retaliate against the negative international press China has been receiving. A huge hidden army of young patriots are waging a cyber-war against the West.

Britain to Filter Out Porn

The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron is cracking down on internet porn. Starting from January 2014, all broadband internet connections from the UK’s four ISPs (Virgin, Talk Talk, Sky and BT) will come with filter technology known as ‘default-on’ pre-installed. Default-on will see ISPs block pornography automatically. Only account holders who opt out will be able to access porn. H/T Next Media Animation


Lolita Bots Patrol the Net

Catching online predators by posing as children is a method police have used for years. Now Spanish researchers say they’ve invented an AI honeypot that sexual predators should find irresistible. It’s a chatbot that goads pervs into professing unclean thoughts. The invention could free up thousands of police officers around the world for more important duties, such as donut inspections and marathon sitting. H/T Next Media Animation

Surf Without Surveillance

“People are under the impression that the Internet is sort of anonymous by default,” says Karen Reilly, development director of the Tor Project. “They don’t know how many digital trails they’re leaving behind.”

As the latest NSA scandal has alerted the public to the threat of widespread government surveillance, Reilly shows us how to restore our privacy in the digital world. Reason TV editor Nick Gillespie spoke with Riley about Tor, a set of software encryption tools that empowers people to use email and surf the web anonymously.



Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

The cast of the hit web series, THE GUILD — Vincent Caso, Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis, Amy Okuda, Sandeep Parikh and Robin Thorsen — star in this music video created to promote the series’ third season in 2009. Jed Whedon directed and wrote the music, while Felicia Day penned the lyrics and delivers the sultry lead vocals. This will have to suffice until Day and her “Guildies” decide whether to extend their run with a seventh season this coming fall. So far, no announcements have been forthcoming.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) and the superhero Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) are pitted in a battle to control the world while also competing for the love of the do-good lass Penny (Felicia Day) in this groundbreaking Internet sci-fi musical, created in 2008 by Joss Whedon.

Stay Away from Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga! The addiction has now spread to 15.5 million people. According to the latest stats, Candy Crush has overtaken Angry Birds. Candy Crash Saga is now the world’s hottest casual game, topping charts on the Facebook, Android and iOS platforms.

Tech Firms Face Backlash

Some of the world’s biggest internet firms¬† — Google, Facebook and Skype¬† — are under pressure to explain just how far they co-operated with intelligence agencies to access your personal information. Here’s a report from Great Britain’s Channel 4. Criticism of the US-based tech firms appears to be strongest in Europe.

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