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Blood Sacrifice in Indonesia

Sumba is an island the size of Jamaica in the Indonesian archipelago that has been cut off from the rest of the world for so long that its ancient animistic traditions survive to this day. It is the setting for ritual battles called Pasola that take place every year in February and March. The Pasola is a fight between rival clans who hurl spears at each other on horseback to “fertilize” the soil with spilled human blood. VICE reports.


This Cute Creature Will Bite

Biologists have identified a new nocturnal species of loris in the jungles of Borneo. Known as the Kayan loris — in recognition of the river basin where it was found — this species is adorably cute, but don’t get close. Its bite is toxic and will hurt like a son of a … H/T SourceFed

The Next Breakout Nations

Ruchir Sharma, head of the Emerging Markets Equity team at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, says China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa might have reached a plateau in growth, and that India has no more than a 50 percent chance of sustaining its good performance. So which countries will become breakout nations, maintaining high growth or exceeding expectations in the coming years?

Sharma identifies four prospects — Turkey and Indonesia, two Muslim democracies, have strong credentials to become the next breakout nations. And in Europe, he sees the top two candidates as being Poland and the Czech Republic. He projects a mixed outlook for the United States, saying innovation and entrepreneurship could help the nation to beat expectations, but we have pressing current problems that demand attention. H/T CATO Institute

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