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The Most Racist Countries

A new global social attitudes study, by World Value Survey, claims that the most racially intolerant populations are all in the developing world, with Bangladesh, Jordan and India in the top five.

India Seeks Sparkling Future

India is the world’s biggest processor of diamonds, polishing and cutting nearly 11 out of every 12 diamonds sold. But now the subcontinent wants to become a trading hub for rough diamonds as well, and in the process cut diamond-trading centers like Tel Aviv and Antwerp out of the business.

Made in Ladakh

Here’s another in our ongoing series of time-lapse videos showcasing beautiful and exotic places around the world. Ladakh is a remote region in northernmost India, bordering Tibet and flanked by the Himalayan Mountains. Panidhar Revanur shot and edited this short, highlighting such locales as the Likir Monastery, Moonland, Tsomoriri Lake and the Chang La Pass. H/T Kuriositas

Horn OK, Please

This short animated comedy follows the travails of a taxi driver in a crowded city in India. Made in 2005, it’s an Anglo-Indian co-production, co-directed by Joel Simon and Vaibhav Kumaresh at Flickerpix Studios in Belfast. Brian Irvine created the whimsical music score.

India Eyes Judicial Reform

A brutal rape and murder have turned the spotlight on a corrupt judicial system in India that tolerates widespread violence against women. The government is weighing several possible solutions, ranging from hiring undercover female police detectives to enforced castration for convicted rapists. H/T Next Media Animation

Women Trash “Rapist” Bar

Women in India vandalized a Mumbai bar that decided it was chic to sell customers a drink called “The Rapist.” The women tore up menus, trashed chairs and tables, and roughed up a bartender. The issues of rape and sexual harassment have turned explosive in the wake of the death of a woman gang-raped on a bus in India.

Violent Protests Grip India

For a second consecutive day, India was gripped by protests over widespread violence and abuse against women in the country, sparked by a vicious gang-rape incident on a bus. The rallies continued despite a government-imposed ban on gatherings of five or more people.  Police blasted the protesters with water hoses to try to cool down tempers.


Go! Girl! Go!–Cuarenta y Cinco

Helen appears as the sexy cabaret star Loveleena in Agent Vinod, Bollywood’s 1977 answer to James Bond. Born in Burma to an Anglo Indian officer and a Burmese nurse, Helen and her family migrated to India as refugees in 1942 after the Japanese overran Burma during WWII. Famous for playing vamps, Helen starred in more than 350 movies. She retired in 1983 after she married screenwriter Salim Khan, but has returned to the screen in recent years, now cast as a grandmother. Agent Vinod, by the way, was remade earlier this year, emerging as one of Bollywood’s top-grossing films of 2012.

Go! Girl! Go! — Treinta y Nueve

She’s sweet and also saucy. Kajol epitomizes both in¬†Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, a 1995 Bollywood romance of star-crossed lovers that ran for more than 10 years in one Mumbai cinema, breaking all previous records. The title loosely translates as The Braveheart Will Get the Bride. Here, we see Kajol innocently dancing with her mother, while also feigning a striptease wearing a towel and singing “Mere Khwabon Mein” in the rain as the water soaks her white clothes.

Her detractors have complained she has “thunder thighs,” but they’re all wet. Watch as the rain again caresses Kajol in Hameshaa, one of her followups to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

China, India at Odds Over Oil

Tensions are mounting between China and India over rich oil and natural gas deposits below the South China Sea. China stakes claim to most of the energy resources, but India has acquired rights to some territories from Vietnam, and vows to defend its holdings and economic interests. RT, the Russian global TV network, reports.


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