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Vacation For the Destroyer

“President Obama and his family are enjoying a 15-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard,” reports Jodi Miller. “If anybody deserves a vacation, it’s Obama. Destroying America takes a lot of hard work.” Miller also features Hillary Clinton, the new Benghazi movie, Planned Parenthood, the Republican presidential candidates and immigration in this edition of NewsBusted.

House Not Sold on Immigration

Conservatives in the US House take a dim view of the immigration bill newly passed by the Senate. Judging from the skepticism voiced here, the bill is much more likely to go down in defeat, or get substantially watered down, in the House.



Terrorists Decline Truce

President Obama keeps saying the war on terror must eventually end. “Oh, wait, this just in,” confides Jodi Miller. “The terrorists say no it won’t.” She also touches on Gitmo, the IRS’ political goon squads and the Senate’s immigration debate in this week’s edition of NewsBusted.

White Flight from London

Growing ethnic tension is leading to the white population shrinking in some parts of the United Kingdom, including the British capital of London. RT’s Sara Firth has more on the exodus — and what else might be behind it.

Stop Losing Elections

Republicans tired of losing elections should embrace immigration reform, recapture the Latino vote and get back on a winning streak. That’s the advice of pundit Dick Morris who spells out the bleak consequences if the GOP cannot reverse the “identity politics” that have ruled the past two general elections.


Immigrants Good for Economy

The Senate’s “Gang of Eight” proposed immigration reform plan will likely take a look at how to make it easier for high-skilled immigrants to gain legal status in the United States. Reason Foundation senior analyst Shikha Dalmia gives five reasons why low-skilled immigrants are good for the economy too.

Tax Freedom Day

April 18 of last week was Tax Freedom Day, the day in which Americans are done paying their taxes for the year. “Or, as Democrats call it, Black Thursday,” say Jodi Miller. In this edition of NewsBusted, she also touches upon Michelle Obama’s anti-gun talks, the morning after pill and Marco Rubio’s new immigration bill.

Border Security

Pundit Dick Morris advocates passage of the new immigration bill, saying it addresses many issues and problems that have gone unresolved for decades through both Democratic and Republican administrations. He believes those who call it an amnesty measure are mistaken.

America Gone Psycho

Alfonzo Rachel thinks there is a simple solution to illegal immigration: better border security. So why do liberals resist securing the border? Could it be that liberals don’t want immigration reform, just an additional issue over which to divide the nation and grow government?

Winning on Immigration

If the Republicans play their cards right, immigration reform can be a winning issue for the party. But the GOP could alienate Hispanics if the party is perceived as being dead-set against allowing any reform to happen. Pundit Dick Morris explains.

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