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It’s A Small World

This just in. President Obama has created a commission to study election reform. “The Left is upset that the percentage of illegal aliens and other fraudulent voters who vote Democrat is stuck at 98 percent,” says Jodi Miller. In this week’s NewsBusted, she also revisits Hurricane Sandy’s devastation of Staten Island and the case of an unfortunate man stuck on the Disney “It’s a Small World” ride.

First the Storm, Now the Mess

When Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast last fall, the”frankenstorm” blazed a trail of destruction and even death. In Red Hook Brooklyn, waist-high floods destroyed the ground floor of practically every building in sight. Now things are getting even messier. New York and New Jersey pols are demanding that taxpayers who have never even been east of the Mississippi River pick up 100 percent of cleanup costs. H/T Reason TV

Statue of Liberty Closed

It may be several months before the National Park Service is able to reopen the Statue of Liberty following storm-related damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The landmark is one of New York’s most popular tourist attractions, visited by four million annually. The one saving grace: The hurricane did not cause significant damage to the statue itself, only to walkways, outbuildings, docks and mechanical infrastructure that can all be repaired.

Pundit So Glad for Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy killed more than 100 people, wiped out entire beachfront communities, knocked out power for millions, and left New York City and much of New Jersey in a shambles. But Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s loony tunes Leftist pundit, audaciously admits “I’m so glad we had that storm last week,” because it offered an advantageous political platform for Matthews’ tingle-worthy idol, the President-cum-Messiah.

Someone should have shut this fool up, but in a roundabout way, it’s good he was allowed to blather on. Certainly erases any pretense that he’s a real journalist, when in fact, he’s just another Progressive propagandist.

If you’re a Comcast cable subscriber, you should switch to the DISH Network, Direct TV or another cable/satellite provider. Comcast is the parent company of MSNBC, so it should be held accountable for this slimebag. Don’t send them an email complaint. Hit ’em where it counts — their pocketbook.

Coast Guard Hurricane Rescue

Dramatic footage of the US Coast Guard rescuing 14 crew members from the HMS Bounty that sunk Monday about 90 miles off the coast of Hatteras, North Carolina, during Hurricane Sandy. The survivors were flown to Elizabeth City, N.C., where they were met by awaiting emergency medical services personnel, with no life threatening injuries. Two other crew members are still missing. The Coast Guard initially received a call from the owner of the 180-foot, three mast tall ship, HMS Bounty, saying she had lost communication with the vessel late Sunday evening.

Hurricanes 101

National Geographic offers a brief crash-course in how hurricanes form and why they can become so destructive. The average hurricane, for instance, releases as much energy in a day as half a million atomic bombs.

Gov. Christie: Get Out

New Jersey’s blunt Gov. Chris Christie offers some words of wisdom to residents of the Barrier Islands thinking about holing up during Hurricane Sandy: Don’t Be Stupid. Get Out!

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