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Nerd Wins the Office Lottery

A hot delivery man ignores all the sexy ladies to make out with a nerdy assistant.  Skyfilm Studio created this 2001 advertisement to promote the Hungarian lottery and show that winning the lottery is more likely to happen than this situation. H/T CulturePub


Anyone familiar with the art of sandpaintings will appreciate this 1996 animated short from Hungary. Géza M. Tóth, founder of the KEDD Animation Studio, paints in the sand at a seashore to retell the ancient myth of Icarus and his yearning to fly. The concept is brilliant, as well as the use of all the detritus that washes ashore — for instance, driftwood and seashells. Tóth is perhaps best known for his Oscar-nominated short Maestro, but Icarus is just as original and imaginative.

Babes of Burlesque: 41


From Hungary, Melitta Honeycupp has carved out a special niche with her aerial burlesque. She’s a founding member of Hungary’s new circus troupe, the Freak Fusion Cabarett, but more often you’ll find her performing her high-flying, death-defying acrobatics in Barcelona, Spain, her adopted town. She does pole dances, as well as using aerial hoops and silks.

Here, she goes airborne for a display of aerial burlesque at the Cafe de Paris in London.

Ok, it’s not burlesque per se, but here’s a snippet showing the Freak Fusion Cabarett, so you can get a taste of Melitta’s new side venture.

On her website, you can bend and drag a virtual Melitta Honeycupp however you’d like. Try it out at

KJFG No. 5

Three professional musicians — the Bear, the Rabbit and the Wolf — are rehearsing in the woods, but they quickly have to make themselves scarce after a hunter ambles onto the scene. This 2007 short is the work of Hungarian animator Alexei Alexeev. If you like this one, he has a funny series of YouTube shorts featuring the hunter disrupting this same trio of woodland creatures. H/T Animation Blog

World of Beers XLIX

On tap tonight: Dreher, Hungary.

Imagine the Blues Brothers bumping into Beach Blanket Bingo in Budapest.

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