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All This in 30 Seconds

In the next 30 seconds, your body will do an amazing amount of things.

A Doctor’s Take on Obamacare

Scott Gottlieb, American Enterprise Institute medical expert and practicing physician, says Obamacare is already lowering the quality of medical care in the United States, with continued degradation looming on the horizon.

Obamacare Postponed

President Obama has waved a white flag and announced a delay in implementing Obamacare. Pundit Dick Morris says the delay is timed until after the 2014 election so Democrats can sidestep the wrath of voters from a massive and misguided piece of legislation that’s certain to spawn political mayhem.



Alcohol Is Poison!

What About Drinking, brought to us by the Prelinger Archive, is an educational film created at the Center of Alcohol Studies at Yale University in 1954. It centers on a group of teenagers, whose party is interrupted with news of a car accident: Bob and Ted hit a pedestrian while driving, and police found a bottle of alcohol in the car.

What Will Obamacare Cost You

Much has been written about the bloated costs associated with Obamacare. Pundit Dick Morris begins to break down what the impact will be for average middle-income Americans. If his figures are correct, look for many to opt out of the program, and simply pay a fine rather than be saddled with the exorbitant Obamacare fees.

Star Clears His Throat

Michael Douglas’ throat cancer was caused by HPV he got going down on you know who. But Catherine Zeta Jones still supports him!

And, in related news, an Australian study concludes that sperm is packed with super nutrients, so eating it can improve one’s health.

Why Do Women Live Longer?

A new study suggests that women’s stronger immune systems could help them outlive men.

The immune system, also known as the lymphatic system, is the human body’s first defense against disease and infection. It’s made up of organs and tissue that produce and carry sickness-fighting white blood cells.

The Pitfalls of Obamacare

Under arbitrary and capricious rules designed to save money, hospitals stand to be penalized under Obamacare if they administer quality medical care. Pundit Dick Morris explains.


Multiple Sclerosis

Millions of people around the world suffer from MS, but what is it? Let’s shine a light on this disease in an effort to increase awareness. H/T AsapSCIENCE

Stop Obamacare Rationing

Now that Obamacare is the law, President Obama is moving to eliminate the public’s options to challenge or overturn any elements of the new health care laws. Pundit Dick Morris explains.


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