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Obama’s Sympathy Thwarted

“The U.S. Military will now charge Beau Bergdahl with desertion,” Jodi Miller reports. “This is a big disappointment to President Obama. He was just about to award Bergdahl with the Medal of Honor.” Miller also zooms in on Harry Reid, Ted Cruz, Jen Psaki, Starbucks, the Census Bureau and Elton John in this edition of NewsBusted.

Vacation is Obama’s Priority

Jodi Miller reports, “President Obama returned from his 17-day Hawaiian vacation. And this week the president starts work on his top priority for 2015–his next vacation.” Miller launches the new year with reports on Harry Reid, Raul Castro, Kim Jong-un, Sony hackers and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in this edition of NewsBusted.

Power-Crazed Feds Insane

With its recent assault on the Bundy Ranch in northern Nevada, it appears that the federal government has totally lost its marbles. Says Joe Dan Gorman, “The federal government has gone insane. They are power-crazed … everywhere! From coast to coast,” Gorman says.”There’s so much red tape and bureaucracies, it’s like we have governments within governments. What was once a drip, drip, drip of socialism is now a full-throttle faucet of communism.” Check out this edition “Intellectual Froglegs” as Gorman opines on the Bundy family standoff with the feds. He also touches on bureaucrats Eric Holder, Harry Reid and Lois Lerner.

Cruzin’ for a Bruisin’

NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller reports that Republican Senator John McCain took to the Senate floor to blast Senator Ted Cruz’s filibuster against Obamacare. “Oh, wait a minute,” Miller says. “Shouldn’t that read former Republican senator.” Miller also touches on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Obamacare glitches, Dan Pfeiffer and Hassan Rouhani.

Rule of Lawlessness

Are we a nation ruled by laws, or has our government been taken over by a group of modern-day marquis and baronettes who simply pretend to govern, while robbing us blind? On this week’s Afterburner, Bill Whittle likens the recent “fiscal cliff” crisis to kabuki theater. So how can one person come out on top in such a system? Find out. H/T PJTV


From the hymnal in Jeremiah Wright’s “church,” it’s a very special edition of The Great Eight with Ben Crystal.

Unserious People

Bill Whittle worries that President Obama and Senate Democrats like Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) are simply not serious about remedying the national balance sheet. Even worse, academics and the liberal news media are providing cover for their malfeasance. Is the nation destined to head into a monumental economic collapse that will imperil basic government services? Find out on this Afterburner. H/T PJTV

Sage Wants Pelosi over Palin

Fresh off his summer vacation, Dennis Miller comes out firing on his “Miller Time” segment with Bill O’Reilly. The Sage of Southern California isn’t worried about the Republicans failing to invite Sarah Palin to speak at their forthcoming convention in Tampa.  “If I would appoint the speakers for the GOP, I’d pick Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. I’d let them have all the time and then at the end, if I was Romney, I’d just come out and go ‘Really,’ ‘Really.'”

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