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The Homer Shake

You’ve seen the rest, now here’s the best! Watch as The Simpsons do the Harlem Shake.

Die, Shake, Die!

In this Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link discuss the origins of the Harlem Shake and, more importantly, debate whether it has already run its course and should be put to death.

The Naughty Shake

A high school hockey team found itself in hot water after the team members posted a YouTube video depicting a NSFW version of “Harlem Shake” that they performed in their locker-room. Looks like typical teenage horseplay, but posting it online gave the snoots an avenue to crack down. Some things never change… H/T SourceFed

Harlem Shake: Steampunk

What’s the biggest Internet dance craze since Psy’s “Gangnam Style?” Has to be the “Harlem Shake,” with hundreds if not thousands of videos popping up over the past month. These videos follow the same format: A lone dancer, often masked, gyrates in a room full of people, with no one paying any attention. Then, in the flash of a jump-cut, the whole room is shaking. We’ve seen some good ones, but the League of Steam’s “Harlem Shake: Steampunk Edition,” has to be one of the most visually entertaining.

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